Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miss Melanie And Davids Need a Little Help

Yes, he has a family, but they need help or they will not be able to take him home! Click here to see how you can lend a hand and get Davids home. Seriously this kid cannot be told for a second time that it's a no go. This family is good and they really want him they just need a little help.

And so does the Sader family! They are bringing home Melanie. I know you all know Melanie from RR. She's an adorable little dumpling. Well the Sader family is almost there, they are so close to being fully funded and able to go rescue Miss Melanie. Melanie needs medical attention, so, again time is of the essence for her. There is one awesome giveaway going on at
A Walk In Lily's Garden. Please check it out.

And a bit of interesting info that I found out last night... Deanna Sader who I'm friends with on FB, is also the smart gal who makes beautiful tutus, really beautiful! I've been drooling over them for quite some time on her FB. Well there is one of her tutu's up for grabs at the giveaway!
Last night I just put all the pieces together , that Deanna the magnificent tutu maker was the mom in the Sader family! I saw Deanna, I saw Melanie but somehow I never saw them together, what a surprise that was! I'm not big on FB so I miss a lot I guess! Anyway I thought it was hoot!

Two families doing incredible things and both need just a little help.
And we all know how just a little help goes such along way... I'm just saying.

There are two little girls coming home to families and not going to an institution because so many choose to help. So that dollar really does make a difference.


Lacey said...

Oh this breaks my heart because him and Mondo would be such good friends! If I had the money I would go get him right now!

grmato4 said...
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Cathy said...

Sorry about that delete...that was me.

Thanks for blogging about our little contest to help the Saders bring Melanie home. We have been fortunate to meet the Saders in real life. I can't wait to squeeze on Melanie!!! Funny story about putting it all together about Deanna. I hope you win one of the tutus.

Not sure if we are FB friends are not. Hmmmmm... Link to Deanna and you'll find me on her page