Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Oh this was a loooong day. Me and the girls(the girls and I) hit the stores looking for dresses for the Father /Daughter dance coming up in a couple of weeks. It's Olivia's last one, so the hunt for the perfect dress was on! Sophia hates everything so there too was a challenge, Bella was all set with a dress she got for Christmas(there's a miracle) and they all needed shoes. See shopping for fun is awesome, shopping for something that you must find by a certain date freaks me out, especially with my three girls. So, I am so thankful that we found two dresses and three pairs of shoes all for a great price. And I kept my sanity, of course it took all of my Sunday but, mission accomplished!

And some disturbing news about Sweet Brigitta, her picture is in my sidebar, Sophia is her Prayer warrior, and we are all in love with her. Well, she was moved to a different page on RR. Her account has been combined with the other girls who are either already transferred or very close to being moved. My heart sank and I seriously thought I was going to throw up when I heard . The way it works is whichever girl gets a family first gets the money in the account. I will not stop raising money for Brigitta. I will not loose hope. She could very well be the next child who gets a family.
I know this is my Thankful post so yes there is a thankful coming. Here it is. Yesterday Sophia, her friend Janise and her father held a fundraiser at his meat store. Sophia and Janise spoke to customers and passed out fliers that they made about RR and Brigitta. Because of that sitting on my table is 281.13 that will be sent to RR for the older girls account! How thankful am I about that!

And here's something to really be thankful about. Have you met Davids family yet? He scored!!! He has four siblings and he is going to be so happy with this awesome family! Meet Davids family here

And Miss Em is doing well. She continues to light our days and keep us going. And she pee peed on the potty! Once. It's a start.

And I don't have the grand total yet due to all the snow days (3) we've had in the last two weeks but the dress down fund raiser our school along with six other schools had for Olga was a great success. So far we have $1700.00 with just three schools reporting their totals!!! That, I'm so thankful for!!

Well Sunday is almost over, hope you all had a great one. Please say a prayer for Brigitta tonight. just a quick one, she is so beautiful, as they all are.


Rochelle said...

WOW that was some super shopping. =). We will keep praying for all these sweet kids, it makes my heart so happy when one finds a family but, so full of sorrow for all the others who are still waiting and their time might be up.
I guess that is what I get when I prayed for God to break my heart for what breaks his.
Sweet tears of joy for your little advocates they are one in a million!

Scrappy quilter said...

Great things happening in the fund raising department. Beautiful work by the girls and the schools. Our Alexander has been transferred too. It just breaks my heart to see this. And yet beautiful things are happening too. Look at Davids...a forever family. Gracie Mae a forever family...and the list is getting bigger. Oh for it to be so big that everyone on that list has a forever family. Hugs and love

Kele@ said...

Catchin up! Em is soooo beautiful Stephanie, seriously. And she has pee peed?!?!? OMG, I can't believe it!
Such great news on the fund raiser(s), you and YOUR family are amazing. I will pray for Briggita tonight, and for all those precious beings who I wish had homes like our babies.
Loveya girl, kiss Em for me, and give her a big, sloppy, wet one from Pres (cause it wouldn't be a kiss from P if it wasn't sloppy wet) Mike tells her all the time that she gives him more tongue than I do! LOL!

Shelly said...

Praying for sweet Brigitta! God knows where her family is, and I pray they will be revealed SOON!!

And about the Easter dress for Gracie.... I've already been peeking at different stores! Can't decide to go twin dresses for the girls, or matching colors! Yes, it will be fun! :o)

Melissa M said...

I love that Olga's fund keeps growing!

The story about Davids family is amazing!!