Sunday, January 30, 2011

A HUGE Giveaway! For a HUGE Cause

No not here! Maybe some day when I get the nerve. The giveaway is at A Perfect Lily. My friend Patti is at it again. You all remember her successful giveaways for Olga and then for Olga and Kareen! I do believe this one promises to be even bigger!! And who is this giveaway for? A very handsome little man from RR named Peter.You'll have to go to Patti's to see a picture of Peter, as Blogger is giving me issues again about uploading photos... AGAIN!

Peter is in a desperate situation and as Patti said in her post, the success of this giveaway may very well determine if Peter lives or dies.

The giveaway starts on February first, so get ready. It's big, very big!!!

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