Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Happy Break

I know I could use a little pick me up today, how about you. This put a smile on my face.


nicole said...

That was soo precious ~ you should be proud Mama.

stephanie said...

Nicole, I am a proud mama but these are not my girls. hehe. I found these sweethearts on FB and couldn't resist sharing it .

The VW's said...

What cuties.....and so precious! This put a smile on my face for sure! Thanks for sharing it with us! Hugs!

Scrappy quilter said...

I'll answer you late tonight. I work today and then I have to go into the city after work. hugs and love

Lori said...

That was so cute. Those two girls could be renamed Paige and Anna and be filmed here in our house. I love the part when they are playing shop and the older sister has to practice her patience =) Ahhhhh...don't we all =)

nicole said...

Oh funny - I even thought, "I didn't know they had an English accent." Haha. I can be confused rather easily sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I am Agnieszka the film maker and my little sister Magdalena is the star!
I am so happy you liked my video and put it on your blog, thank you for your lovely comments too.

I think it is brilliant what the work you are doing, for all these children who need loving homes.
it was lovely to see there are so many families who care.
I better go now as I would like to play with Magdalena.

From Agnieszka (the film maker) & Magdalena the star! :o) and our proud mummy ;oD.

Anonymous said...

Hello its Agnieszka & Magdalena`s mummy here,just to say hello & we love what you are doing on your blog.
We don`t have a blog yet but you can see what we do at our website:
It was shocking and a good education for Agnieszka to learn about how poorly people with D.S in some other countries are treated.
Well done for all your great work.We are proud of you.