Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thankful Sunday, Happy Birthday Tata!!!

Well this week flew by. One more week closer to spring. The snow is melting thanks to temps slightly above freezing and the weather has been clear of snow.

This week I'm thankful for, far away friends who "get it", and the ability to be just a click away from them.

I'm thankful that the terrible noise in my car meant something simple... needs more oil!

I'm thankful for music!

I'm thankful for the people that have just appeared, people who also love miss Brigita and Miss Nellie. I thought I was alone in my love for them but I'm not. I've been blessed with meeting a whole cheering section for "the girls".

I'm thankful for the antibiotics that are slowly clearing up Miss Em's sinus infection.

And I'm thankful for my FIL, he's the best, and of course he's all the way in Poland! No fair! Happy Birthday Tata!!! We love you and are all thankful for you!!!!! If you read this Tata, meet us on skype, today at 1:00pm our time!

btw, for you non Polish readers, Tata means Daddy. If you were wondering.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.


Melissa M said...

I hope the antibiotics do the trick for Em. Claire is now on round 4, and I'm so ready for winter to be over!

Rochelle said...

Wonderful thankfuls, Happy birthday to your FIL!

Zoey's mom said...

So happy the snow is clearing.Spring will arrive before long.What a difference the sunshine makes for our state of mind.

Zoey's trouble spot his her sinus's too.We can always count on needing an antibiotic when she gets a head cold.As she has gotten older,they don't seems as frequent.Hoping Miss Em is 100% soon.

Love from California and hoping your Sunday has been a good one.

The VW's said...

Hope Miss Em feels all better soon!

Snow is melting over here as well....YAY! But, I'm sure we'll get more soon enough!

I'm happy to hear that Olga has a family again! Praying for all these angels! Hugs!