Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Okay right off the bat I'm thankful for seeing the temps at 60 degrees the other day!! Of course it was followed by a 35 degree day yesterday, but hope is in the air that spring has not forgotten us.

And there's still grass under all of that melting snow! It kind of resembles an archaeological dig in my backyard. As all the mounds of snow are disappearing, signs that a family used to live here are appearing. I can see a perfectly intact circle of stones created by children playing house. I think it was the family fire pit. And toys are appearing probably just where they were dropped before the snows came. I can't wait to be outside in my garden again!!!!

I'm so thankful that Miss Em is putting a word out here and there for us. She has the cutest "hi". Sophia caught it on video so I'll be(warning) posting it soon.

Thankful for all the babies coming home! Another beautiful family is traveling right now to get their Princess, Ella Grace!! This is for you Denise!! Don't know if you already follow this family but seriously the two Ella Grace Princesses should know each other. Take a look at this wonderful family. I'm sure Shelly would love the extra support right now.

And after you meet Ella Grace go check out all the new and gorgeous things Jenn has added to Olga's Auction. Anyone jealous (not mentioning any names) of the tutu skirt I won recently can bid on one just as beautiful at the auction!! hint hint!!!

And it's a whopping 16 degrees as I type this , but the sun is out, so I'm thankful for that. And we are on vacation, yeah!!! No driving anywhere after school!!! We can have play dates and sleepovers and family dinners! So for all that I am thankful!

Have a Sweet day, dream about spring and go bid on a tutu!!
(because if I bid on it I'll probably win it, because I'm lucky like that, and then you( (still not mentioning any names)) will be jealous again! )


Rochelle said...

YEAH for "Hi" oooo can't wait for the video!
We have 70 here today but 30 and snow again tomorrow but, I will enjoy the Sunday with my family NOT doing any paperwork LOL!

Scrappy quilter said...

I think I'll hop over for a visit with your nice warm temps. It's cold here and going down to -34C tonight. Hugs

Zoey's mom said...

Forever families for all these beautiful children ... how amazing.Praying for more miracles.

Can't wait to hear the "hi",so cute.

Sending sunshine and warmth from California,although you may not believe this,but it is cold here for us...51 right now.

Happy Sunday my friend.

Denise said...

Wow....can you believe that I almost missed this post. When I clicked on your blog, it wouldn't open and my computer froze for a bit and normally I don't have the patience to wait but thankfully I was feeling patient and did wait. How adorable is that other beautiful Ella Grace!! Do you know where they live? You know I will do everything in my power for the EG's to meet. And about that tutu dress...were you possibly referring to me on that one as well :) I know I wanted it badly but didn't know if there were any others. Actually, why don't you just enter since you WILL win it and then you can give it to Ella!! I will head over there now as I would love to do anything to support Olga :) Have a great Sunday my friend!!

Melissa said...

I'm thankful it's finally warming up here too!