Thursday, February 10, 2011

One By One, The Starfish Are Being Saved

Just when we feel like the darkness is about to take over, God shines His light that sends renewed faith into our hearts.

This has been such an amazing week! The starfish are being rescued ! The children are getting forever families. Doors are being opened that were shut tight before. God is hearing our prayers, and He is answering.

Alexander, has a forever family!

Daryia has a forever family!

Tori will leave the institution! The first child ever to be adopted out if this particular institution!

Masha has hope now as she will be in the same institution!

Peter has a forever family!

Kareen has a forever family!

And our Olga has a forever family! And take a look at the name of their blog! I used the starfish story in the fliers I made up for Olga! Coincidence???

And with this new hope, my confidence grows, my faith grows, that "The Girls", Miss Brigita and Miss Nellie will also get their happily Ever After, along with all the other Starfish.

And I've noticed Nellie's account going up. I don't know who , but thank you! If someone out there is advocating for her, Bless you!!!


Patti said...

I had used the starfish poem right before the giveaway for Olga - so that gave me the chills when I saw it too! Also- even though Jenn had never even seen my blog, she used the very scripture on her blog header that I felt like God put on my heart for our giveaway (James 1:17) that sparked the me, all just little signs that God is in this thing, and that this is His work. SO honored to be a samll part and once again, I'm thanking God for putting my friend Stephanie in my life as an inspiration! :) Without your persistent blogging about RR I wouldn't even have a clue. LOVE YOU!

Scrappy quilter said...

Patti I agree, Stephanie has been an encouragement to me since day one when she started her blog and continues to be. Without her advocating for Olga, a little girl might have remained where she is today instead of finding a forever family. I told Steph it's like putting together a quilt....everyone doing their part to make it whole, whether the part is big or whether it's small. It's been absolutely beautiful to watch. And now my little Alexander has a home, finally. That little man had NO ONE ever inquire about him, can you imagine. And now he has a family. To be a part of the bigger pictures in AWESOME!!

Steph, keep on doing what you are doing. The blogging world continues to amaze me. Hugs and love

stephanie said...

Carol and Patti I love you both! We are all part of a bigger picture and I AM FINALLY, realizing, that God has chosen our part for us. Whether it is big or small. Even if it seems insignificant, it is NOT!! Every flower is needed in the bouquet, even the tiniest ones add to the beauty.

Michelle said...

Praise the Lord. God is good. Love the header pic.

Melissa M said...

I love, love, love to see all of these kids finding homes. I don't know if you read MckMama's blog, but she had Nellie's picture up on a recent post she did about RR.

Lacey said...

So many kids with families! Oh we are getting there! I can't believe how generous people are being right now. I told Ray we adopted too soon, we only raised about 4,000. Now people are raising 12,000 in just a few weeks!