Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saving Brigita And Nellie, Added Post

Miss Nellie
Miss Brigita

My anxiety is mounting as day after day I wait for a miracle. It looks like a hopeless situation for these girls. Some days, I feel like I can not possibly do anything to help them, that their fate is already sealed. No matter how hard I try, nothing works. No matter how much I pray or beg God for a miracle, I hear no reply. No matter how hard I ask that someone look at the girls and see their potential and beauty, no one looks.

Then on some days I have faith and peace and know that Jesus in control. That He has his hands on these girls and his arms around them at all times. That He will never give up on them.

I will
not give up and give in to the evil one who knows exactly what to whisper in my ear. He knows where I am the weakest and goes straight for it.

I will
not sit by and say I did all I could. There is always something else to do, someone else to tell, another prayer to leave my lips.

I will not let these girls spend the rest of their lives tied to a crib in some disgusting institution and treated worse than a wild animal.

I want to see them in pretty dresses and bows in their hair. I want them to have baby dolls to play with and most of all I want them to have a mama and daddy and a home.

I'm asking for help. I'm asking that everyone in blogland will soon know exactly who Brigita and Nellie are. It worked for Olga! Can we please rally for these two Princesses. It costs you nothing but a few moments of your time. A picture, a link and a plea might save a life. Please help me spread the word.

You might reach that one person no one else can. You might have the words that will change a heart.

If you are reading this and are contemplating adoption, please pray about these little girls. Could you love one of them? Can you picture yourself snuggling and kissing one of them? Can you hear them laughing as you tickle them?

*I've got my first post on Heroes - Talk . Of course it's for "The Girls".


Scrappy quilter said...

I wish I could understand all that is going on in these little ones life...why it's happening and why it's happened for so long. Hugs and thanks for advocating for these kids.

Robin E. said...

Stephanie, you are breaking my heart. Though it's been breaking since I first saw these little princesses. I am on board for anything you want to do for them. I don't know what to do, but am trying. It's a long story. I could say so much, but please read my comment on Helle's blog, on the post about poor little Sandra. I am praying very hard every night and every day. Most of my prayers are for Brigita 24/7. But I want to help Nellie and Sonya, too. They could be adopted together, even though they are in separate orphanages.

Thank you so much for the new pic of Nellie. Her Christmas warrior has a really cute one of her posted, too. If people could see them, they would surely be moved. I don't have a blog, but am trying to spread the word. We are not giving up for these girls. Is God assembling a team for them? He must be serious about this.

Helle said...

Right in there with Robin- and with you! We are NOT giving up on these girls, although I do, like you, have moments when I think it's hopeless. When thoughts of institutions, Julia Nalle's "Lost boys", Anne-Marie and Sandra enter my mind...

But no. Brigita, Nellie and Sonya might have their age against them, but miracles happen every day on the My Family Found Me-page. Children who seemed like hopeless cases get families weekly. It's not a clear-cut picture, why some get families and some do not, but to keep fighting can't possibly make it worse. So we have to keep trying!!

Happy to have found your blog, and to also to find a fellow hater of the dark winter months... ;-)

Scrappy quilter said...

Heh friend, I just read Olga has a family....YIPEE JESUS!!! Hugs

The VW's said...

Breaks my heart! I'm praying!!! Big Hugs!!