Monday, February 7, 2011

A Miracle!

This is Julia's post. Her words her pictures . I just re-posted everything. It's a miracle and an answer to our prayers. Thank you Jesus!


Tori has a family! God moved in the heart of a skeptical, doubting and distrustful director and Tori is coming home. The Burmans got to meet her, love on her, count her fingers, look into her eyes, marvel at how fearfully and wonderfully made she is and laugh outright that God won. He won. Tori will be a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and most importantly a Child of the King. Her biased Mom has declared that she is smart, beautiful and BIG. As soon as she posts pictures on her blog (which is private), I will steal them and post on here!

God won people. Not just for Tori. But now Masha and Eddie and all the other sweet ones at that institute and that orphanage have HOPE. They are no longer bound by the past laws of communism that say that a child who is disabled should be sent away forever. They can be freed from the chains that bind them. Free.


Masha needs a family. SHE HAS 17,000.00 IN HER GRANT FUND. That means that if someone goes and gets her they only need to raise another 6-8,000.00 dollars. That is EASY because our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills....

She smiles - she talks - she blows bubbles and plays peek-a-boo. She is SMART! She is full of life despite the fact that she has been mistreated, set aside and deemed unadoptable.

Eddie needs a family. HE HAS 16,000 IN HIS GRANT FUND. That means only 7-8,000.00 is left to raise. PEANUTS.

He is NOT a favorite. He has spent his life stuck in a crib - often in a dark room - alone. He doesn't know what it is to be held and loved. Just a smile in his direction will light up his lonely face.

Both of these babes need out.

If someone were to go get both of them together - the adoption is covered.

Money is NOT an issue.

Yes, they are needy. Yes, they will require a tremendous amount of time and love to heal the hurting that is deep within their souls. Yes. But our God is a God who can heal the wounds inflicted by man.

He can.

But they need families.

So do so many others.

Families who will step up and take the plunge. Despite the quaking knees and pounding hearts. Despite the clammy fingers and the uncontrollable shaking.

Families willing to go despite the terror of the unknown.

Families willing to jump - free fall.

Families who have their hands firmly clasped in His Hands.

Trusting. Believing.

Please Dear Lord - send families!


Scrappy quilter said...

See dear friend, all in God's perfect timing. He is doing so many BIG things it's absolutely beautiful to watch. 2010 was a good year, I firmly believe 2011 is going to be even a bigger year when it comes to these precious little ones. I'm standing on His promises!! Hugs and love

Lacey said...

Oh so many babies, so little time! It breaks my heart that we find a home for one, to know that there are still many more that need one. We will keep working though!