Tuesday, March 29, 2011

$167.00...CORRECTION! $83.00

I haven't forgotten that I'm a Warrior for Miss Nellie. Even with all the advocating going on right now for the families in emergency situations my Nellie is always on my mind. Every day she gets one step closer to being transferred. And everyday I check the "My Family Found Me Page" in the hopes that someone will see what I see. So today I am asking a small favor for Miss Nellie. Her account has been growing, somehow. I know there are others out there who love her so they must be doing something. Nellie's account is at $4,833, I would love to even it out to $5,000. That's $167.00. I know it's an odd request but that's what's on my mind and in my heart. If someone sees $5,000 in her account it appears to be so much more that $4,833.

And I know there has been some major fund raising going on lately and this is probably the last thing you all want to hear, but you know that nagging feeling that you just can't shake sometimes? Well I've got it. I've been putting this request off for some time now and I just cannot ignore this feeling any longer. It almost feels like this wasn't my idea, like Jesus was telling me to just do it. So I'm just doing it. $167.00 that's it. it might make all the difference in
Nellie's life. if you feel it in your heart to help out just click on her name and it will bring you to her donation page. And in this case a few dollars from a few people will really make a difference.
Only $167.00, please??


Michelle said...

you amaze me.(hugs)

Helle said...

He he, you've got your numbers wrong, Stephanie! ;-)

Robin E. said...

Tears! Thanks for doing this, Steph! Praying for Nellie and Brigita everyday.

littlelola said...

Donation made very close to 5,000 :)

Rochelle said...

OOO she only need about $50! WOO HOO!