Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Did you all Spring ahead last night? I'll be tired all day but loving it tonight when it stays lighter longer.

I'm thankful for the sun coming through the trees this morning and the thought that soon I'll be able to sit outside in the mornings.

And a joyful and thankful correction to my post yesterday. Constance although still threatened by transfer, will still be able to be adopted!!

I'm thankful that the roses I bought last summer and never planted in the ground are still alive! My miracle roses somehow made it through the winter and all this snow above ground. I said a novena to St Terese, last summer and if you've heard of her you know that roses are her thing. She promised to "shower down roses from heaven". I found this rose plant on clearance at the end of last summer, for almost nothing, it was not with the other roses and caught my eye. Beautiful red roses. But I never got it into the ground. I remember thinking , "Well, if St Terese sent these roses than the winter won't kill them".

(and just a note), I don't give any credit to St Terese for answering my prayer. It is only her intercession that I asked her for, just as everyone asks for prayers from family and friends. When your prayers are answered you don't call them and say, "you answered my prayer!" No, you call them and say, "Thank you for praying for me, God has answered my prayer." Sometimes I want to explain things like this because Catholics have gotten a bad wrap in the past and present for worshiping statues and having icons and what not in our churches, have even been called Pagans. It's not true, we only worship God and only He has the ability to answer all prayers.

And I'm thankful for a Sweet Little Boy , who gave Miss Em her first kiss last night. Thankful because it was the cutest thing I've seen in some time and gave us all a good laugh. We had our annual Pasta Dinner last night at school and Em hooked up with a dumpling that was just her size. With a little encouragement from the "older" first graders, my son included, he very gently planted a wet one on her cheek. I wish you could have seen her reaction! Her eyes got as wide as possible and her mouth opened up to form this perfect big round O. He turned around and wiped his mouth with his shirt and she immediately ran after him. It was precious! And of course I was without my camera.

And as I was coming upstairs this morning I remembered we were out of coffee!! But I'm thankful for the sample of Starbucks I remembered I had. Just enough to get me through! A morning without coffee, is no way to start the day... for me or for anyone around me.

And I'm thankful to report Thursday, Sophia and I made it to church. We unfortunately could not walk because her knee was bothering her. And on Friday morning we all went to church (minus Peter and Em). On Friday's during Lent, Andrew's teacher, Mrs. Robinson who is AMAZING, hosts a Breakfast Lent club. All the children are invited to mass at 7:00am, and then back to school for breakfast and games. It is such a beautiful sight to see the kids coming in to church in the morning. They all sit together, and so many participate. It's not mandatory, but they choose to get up early, and go to mass. And it's not just the little ones, lured in by breakfast and games afterwards, so many older grades are there too. It has become one of our favorite traditions at school.

Thinking maybe I'll get outside today and start cleaning up the yard. Whatever you do today have fun and remember Sunday is a day of rest, so enjoy it!


mandd3 said...

What a beautiful week you all had. I can just imagine Em chasing her beau all over!
So glad your rose bush was protected. It must have a very special joy to bring to your garden.

Rochelle said...

Awesome Sunday post as always. Cracking up at the kiss. Sweet. I love that all the kids get up early and go to mass what a huge blessing. Such a cool tradition.

Oh and I am SO thankful to hear that great news about Constance. Now we just have to find her family!
Have a wonderful day friend!

the three wise menn said...

I love thankful Sunday's from you. It always reminds me to have some perspective...and choose thankfulness!!!


Scrappy quilter said...

I always enjoy reading your Sun. posts. Hugs

Denise said...

Awwww...Emmie's first kiss. How sweet!! Ella is my hug giver to all little kids she sees but no kisses yet!! Still sad that you won't be with us for Ella's party. It just won't feel complete!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Sunday posts!!!♥

Lacey said...

I woke up this morning and was freaked because it was so dark! I hated it and kept thinking I needed to go back to bed for a bit!!