Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Nicholas

This is Nicholas. My very dear friend is his RR warrior. She has an incredible track record. You see Nicholas is her third Reece's Rainbow child that she is praying for. Her first child was Alexander. He has finally got a family. Then there was Evan, and he has a family. Now she is a warrior for Nicholas.

My friend also has another talent. She can quilt like no other. This beautiful quilt is part of her giveaway for Nicholas. This amazing quilt was made with love and prayers. I know this for a fact! She prays while she quilts.

And added to the giveaway just today is this HANDMADE teddy bear, made by her equally talented daughter.

She goes by the blog name Scrappy Quilter and she has become like family to me. She as been with me in blogland since day one. She has become my friend, and through many emails we have gotten to know and love each other. We have laughed and cried and vented together. She has been my adviser and a voice of reason. She has a heart for the orphan that just keeps growing.

Please take a look at her blog and her giveaway. Every Wednesday there will be a new item added. This giveaway is a labor of love. Two hands praying and sewing a quilt to help a baby home.


Scrappy quilter said...

Thank you dear friend. Hugs

Rochelle said...


Melissa said...

I LOVE quilts. I'm off to go check it out now!

Helle said...

I am in total awe of those who are so good with their hands. That quilt is beautiful! I'll check out the Scrappy Quilter blog straight away. The teddy bear is neat, too. How cool is a hand made teddy bear compared to the ones from the shop?!

And Nicholas... aww, he really tugs at the mother instinct heart strings. Such a tiny sweetheart. I am happy to hear he has a good warrior, with a better track record than most.

And have a lovely day :)

LizBeth said...

Have you seen this story?

Scrappy quilter said...

LizBeth, I read that a couple days ago and was really upset. Yet, we can't stop praying, we can't stop fundraising for these kids. God is in control. The time might be short for Christians to adopt, that's why we don't stop...we keep on giving, we keep on. We can't stop just because of some judge!!

Karen Whittal said...

What an amazing blog, so glad I found it look forward to following your amazing journey