Monday, March 14, 2011

About Abigail, Part One

I wanted to take my time to write this post. It is about Abigail.

Abigal has Neurofibromatosis (NF) You might remember this post about her. But time is not a luxury she has right now. She was scheduled to have surgery in June to remove the tumor that is growing on her leg. Unfortunately in the last few days her tumor has grown to four times it's size and is infected. Abigail's surgery has been moved up to April.

Here are Andrea, Abigail's moms words on it:

Abigail has a plexi on her leg. The nature of this type of tumor is that it affects multiple nerves, contains mast cells that release histamine causing sever itching, and it contains blood vessels. The blood vessels mean more blood supply to whatever part of the body the tumor is on causing that particular part to grow faster than the rest; known as hemihypertrophy. These tumors, when left alone can grow to be hundreds of pounds, cause sever pain and disfigurement, wrap around organs, muscle and bone, and can actually infiltrate muscle and bone, as well as the fact that they run a risk of malignancy".

Seems like the surgery being moved up is not such a bad thing except, this surgery is not covered by insurance. Seems it's an elective surgery. Yes, that's right, I said elective. As in not completely necessary , you can live with it! Gotta love insurance companies.

I have her donation button on my blog and I have been watching it steadily rise. I was thinking that Abigail's parents would easily meet their goal of 10,000 by June. Well, now they have the same goal but two months less to reach it.

They are doing what they have to do for their daughter, and I'm just trying to help spread the word. Also trying to help is Jillian Raye of Jillian Raye Designs. Proceeds from this ring will go to Abigail s surgery. Jillian is on FB and Etsy.

This is not the post I was originally going to write about Abigail but as Abagail's condition changed so did my post about her. What was originally supposed to be posted will come tomorrow...


Zoey's mom said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with sweet Abigail.Just another precious face,that embodies why I so HATE cancer.See far too much of it over the last 2 years.Too,too much.

Will head to Jill's site and donate as well.

Stephanie,hoping I have told you this enough but it really doesn't hurt to say it again ... you have the BEST heart my friend.The best.

patsy said...

praying for sweet abigail and her family....