Saturday, March 12, 2011

Many Hands Needed, UPDATE

I've just been informed that Constance although still in need of a family and still threatened by being transferred will STILL be able to be adopted! Praise God!

I found Briana's blog, So That They May Have a Voice, this morning and after reading her post I really couldn't think of anything else than literally stealing it and re- posting it here. This is her post and her words, but our problem. Lately I feel as if I'm trying to keep water in a sieve. There are too many holes for me to cover with just my hands. I'm not saying that no one is doing anything, on the contrary many people are doing something,. but when I hear news like this my heart just drops, and I feel like we are fighting a losing battle. Please take a moment to read the following post by Briana, and if you have it in your hearts to please write a post for Constance, spread the word, say a prayer...

Constance is doomed.

Okay...I already posted about her being transferred next month, and she isn't seriously ill or dead. So it can't get much worse, then, right?


I just found out today that Constance is going to be transferred to a place she cannot be adopted out of.

We have two and a half weeks to find her family. If someone commits to her in that time, she will stay at the baby house. If not, she is doomed.

Maybe even years.
Stuck in a crib. Constance has spent four years at a baby house where she has toys, nice caregivers, and lots of other children around to play with - some healthy, some with special needs, but all around her age. She will have to relearn everything.

If I cry out, someone will come and comfort me.
No. Not at an institution they won't. You can cry until your lungs give out. Nobody is going to care.
If I am hungry, I will be fed, and I will have enough to eat.
Possibly. They'll stuff the food down your throat so fast you choke. Whether you're fed enough depends on how fast you swallow. Forget about nutrition; you'll live on mush and broth.
I will be clean and comfortable all or most of the day.
No. Best case scenario, they take a dirty disposable diaper, rinse it off, and put it back on you. Otherwise, you have sheets covered in urine and feces that you will lie in day after day after day.
There is somebody who cares about me and wants me to find a good home.
No. No. No.
They would rather shave your hair off than wash it.
They would rather tie you to your crib to prevent you from self-soothing than stimulate you.
They would rather allow you to die alone than treat any illness you may catch.
There is a way out.
Not after transfer there isn't. After that point, the only way out is to die - and it's likely your death will be a slow and painful one.

We have TWENTY DAYS to find her a family. If, in those twenty days, someone commits to her, she will remain adoptable. I'm not ashamed of begging here: please, please help to find her a family. It will be so worth it if we can save a little girl from losing her one chance to find a family.

Facebook it. Tweet it. Post it on your blog. Email her picture to your friends. And above all, pray.


Scrappy quilter said...

Once again I'm at a loss for words. I don't understand how these orphanages can get away with breaks my heart. If only....we had more money. If only we were younger. If only...our prayers would be heard. If only... Hugs

Briana said...

Thank you so much for this, Stephanie. I pray Constance's mama is reading...

Rochelle said...

We are in constant prayer for her. Andrea talked with us about her when we were searching. My heart is so heavy with all the kids without families.

Briana said...

Stephanie will you please update this post, I have received more news:

Constance is still going to be transferred in just a few weeks, fortunately she CAN be adopted from the place where she is going. Thank goodness.

stephanie said...

What a cutie she is.I wish all of the orphans will get adopted.

Love Bella