Monday, March 7, 2011



Miss Brigita is on the older girls page at Reece's Rainbow. They have one account. There individual accounts have been pooled together. The child who gets adopted first gets the money in the account. There is now over $8000.00 in the account. Brigita is not in a good place. She needs a family to step forward NOW! I have gotten word from someone who has seen her that she has some feeding issues , and is not getting the necessary help.

$8000.00 is a lot of money. It could be the defining factor if someone is on the fence. Please help me to spread the word about Miss B. I don't often ask for help, but today I am really looking to you all.

Please just put a quick post up . You can copy this one if you want. Please put it on FB. If we are friends on FB you can just hit the share button. With very little effort, we can reach a lot of people.

I am really depending on you. I can't reach enough people alone. Brigita needs to get a home or I fear the worst for her.

Will you please help me, to help her?? Please don't let this little one be lost.

Thank you!


Scrappy quilter said...
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Scrappy quilter said...

Oh for her to be adopted. She is just a little delight. I'll mention it sometime this week. Hugs

btw - you do have word verification.

Patti said...

I'll put her on my FB wall!

Patti said...

Steph- I'm sure you know this, but maybe other people don't- with that $8,000 plus the $13,000 adoption tax credit (and the RR site says her adoption will be $22K travel included) this is pretty much a free adoption. I just know her family is out there! Thank you for sharing!! I posted on my FB page. Thank you for always inspiring me. oxox

Melissa said...

I'm sharing on FB too!

Helle said...

Praying like a crazy woman over here! This tiny muffin needs a family to look after her, definitely.

Bless you for kickstarting another Brigita cheerleading session. I have a feeling she will be home this year! :)

So happy to hear that Miss Em is back to her healthy and happy self.

Robin E. said...

Praying everyday for our sweet Brigita! I'm not on FB, and don't have a blog, but will pass this on.