Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Already Sunday? Wow that was a fast week. The calendar says it's spring but our weather is still feeling like winter. I sure would be thankful for some warmer temps.

The last couple of weeks have been difficult blogging weeks. I'm not going to rehash what I said in my last posts but I do want to throw out a big thank you to my sweet and loyal followers. I would never purposely stop blogging but I seriously could not write, and I was starting to wonder how long that would go on for. I usually always have something to say or share. I guess it happens to all of us from time to time, and I am beyond thankful for the beautiful comments and emails.

I'm thankful that I am in the place I am in right now because God is using me for good. Even when I can't see it or figure it out or it just looks hopeless I know He's in control, (right, Carol)!!! And He's not going to let us go.

I'm thankful for the Queen of Quotes. And my long distance therapist! Any guesses???

And I'm thankful for friends that somehow even though we have never met know what to say. R.C that's you.

I thankful for my friend Pat who swept us off to a fundraiser last night
(free). It was for The Extraordinary Child. Beautiful organization started by a mom who has a little girl with Autism and needed a place for her to play safely. They are raising money to build an indoor/outdoor playground catering to the needs of all special children. Check them out here.

And I am so Thankful and PROUD to be part of this community! The last couple of weeks have been hard but also filled with some incredible moments. I am in awe at the miracles that have been happening. Families being fully funded practically overnight, just in the nick of time. Like the Higbies for Lera and the Beamish Family for Kameron. It's all been amazing. I really have never seen a group of people come together so quickly and effectively. Seriously being lead by their hearts to help out. People just rally, no questions asked. People just find their places and do whatever it is that they do best, whether it be fund raising or advocating or praying . Everyone just falls into line, like an army of soldiers who have perfected precise military maneuvers that have been practiced over and over again.

And I'm thankful that I have this blog and for what it has become.

Have a blessed Sunday and remember to always find something to be thankful for.



Rochelle said...

Oh you know I am thankful for you dear friend. One day watch out we are coming to RI! Love and hugs and keep blogging. The world is a better place =)!

Scrappy quilter said...

And I'm thankful for a very special lady that's in our lives...that's YOU!! Love ya

Zoey's mom said...

Love you my friend,from "your royal highness,Heather" ... don't ever thank me.This is what friends are for,even long distance ones,who have never met but feel like we have know each other a lifetime.We are all blessed to have each other.Happy Sunday.

Lacey said...

Love you Steph, and love our friendship! I sure wish it would warm up here too! We woke up to snow on the ground, yuck!!

Runningmama said...

I know I don't comment often, lately with little Em's schedule I barely have had enough time to check up on all my favorite bloggy friends and their sweeties...know that I am still following and keeping tabs on your "Em" and I love all that you are doing to help all the RR loves find their forever families!

Dobrovits Family said...

I am so happy you are back!

Please know that your blog was a big influence on me when discerning a call to adopt through RR! You make a difference!!

Thanks for being so open to what God has in store for you!


Emma said...

I've been away this weekend and am just now catching up on these posts. I just wanted to say keep at it, the blog is great. I wouldn't know as much as I do about DS if it wasn;t for all you blogging folk, and that's a good thing, they're all wonderful.

Whatever's been going on, I want to share the quote from a song I learned this weekend: "whatever is His way all is well."

I hope you've been encouraged again!

E x

Lori said...

We are all so thankful for you and Em and your blog and everything you write.
I haven't commented much, but that has nothing to do with what you have written. I just haven't been on the computer much over the past couple of months. In fact, my mom has been calling me asking me to update my own blog because apparently it has been neglected over the past couple of months =)

Melissa said...

Our community, including RR, is truly amazing and I am blessed to be a part of it.