Monday, October 10, 2011

31 for 21 : We Weep... Again

Yesterday we went apple picking. It was warm and sunny and we were together as a family. Despite the moans and groans from a couple of my older children, we were together and had a good time.

When I got home I thought I'd go through the pictures get a post ready for today , change my summer background and catch up on everyone's Sunday. 

I saw that my friend Polly had posted for prayers. I immediately thought "now what's happened" thinking they were for her.  

Nothing in my wildest nightmares could have braced me for what she had written in her post. 

 I was at the dining room table , the kids were coming in slowly and getting settled, as I was reading, and obviously the tears were coming down , I just kept saying "no not again this can't be happening again". By now Peter was inside and as everyone came around ,I told them what had happened. Shock just took over their faces. Disbelief from even my little ones. They remember Carly and even their young minds new this was something horrific. Something no one should have to deal with.

Another unthinkable tragedy has struck The George Family. Most of you are familiar with Joany and Paul. Most of you remember that just a year and a half ago they were left heart broken by the loss of their beautiful Carly. Suddenly and unexpectedly she was gone. 

I cannot even  believe the words as I type them here, but they again have been engulfed in the unbelievable. Their son Brad is now gone too. Gone to be with Carly . All I know is that it was a house fire. Their house. I believe he was home alone. 

I cannot wrap my head around this news. Maybe that's why I'm up early, unable to sleep. I cannot clear my thoughts of this tragedy. I cannot pray!! The words will not come. 

WHY!!! is all I can muster when I try to pray. I'm mad that God allowed this to happen...again! This family was crippled when Carly died. The posts that Joany has written over the last 18 months express her pain in such a way that you feel it too.  Both Joany and Paul have been trying so hard to go on. To live ....somehow without Carly. To find the strength to continue.  Her last post , written just a few days ago was entitled ,One Day at a Time. She wrote how difficult it still was ,how hard it was going and leaving the cemetery . I get chills thinking about that post.

What are they supposed to do now? 

I don't even know why I'm writing this post. I guess to reach anyone who did not hear already. Hopefully to reach people who can pray right now.   Maybe just to express my feelings.

I know we will come together has a community to embrace The George Family, someone will organize something for them I'm sure. It's probably already in the works. That's just how we are out here. We come together no matter what, no matter how you know the person, whether you were close friends or just acquaintances on FB, it doesn't matter. When one of us is down the others lift them up. No words needed. When one has fallen,we all weep.
I just can't fathom how they will find the strength , again. I can't fathom the amount of pain they are in right now. My head hurts from trying to figure this out. And a friend on FB posted something that made sense in all this mess. She was paraphrasing , St Augustan ...

With my finite mind I can no more comprehend the ways of the Lord than I can contain the waters of the ocean with a bucket


The VW's said...

Pretty much, no words.....but thinking of them and praying a ton!

Rochelle said...

Right there with you. Such devastating news for this family that has already been rocked. Praying still for them and will continue to do so.
Carly passed the day before Aidan's bday and Brad was the day before Alayna's so we will never forget their children or their loss as we celebrate ours.

Robin E. said...

Oh Steph, I just don´t know what to say. Praying for this poor family!

Lori said...

Read about this last night on FB -- I am still at a loss for words. Praying! Praying! Praying for this dear family!

kim said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. I cant imagine what they are going through. As I read this I prayed for the family, That peace falls on their hearts. I am so sorry. I will keep them on my prayer list and spread the word.