Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1, 2011 Be Aware!

Well here we go again! Another 31 days of spreading awareness in any way I can think of. And another 31 days of praying that the people who  really need to see it somehow find their way to my blog. To ease the heart of a new mom or  parents that were just told Down syndrome is in their future is my ultimate goal. To give someone hope, when they think they have none. 

My goal is to tear down the curtain that says our kids are different, that they will never fit in, that they can't do what others can.

To dispel the myth that it's better to not be born than to be born with Down syndrome. The myth that Down syndrome will ruin your life. The myth that you can't handle a child with Down syndrome. The myth that your child with Down syndrome will never amount to anything. The myth that the rest of your children will suffer because all of your attention will go to the child with Ds.

I've got a month of posts brewing in my mind.... scary place! I hope to reach at least one person and change their heart. I do believe in the ripple effect. I can't take on the world but I can take on one at a time. 

So good luck to all who are attempting this challenge. And good luck to those who know damn well they're not going to post every day, but will post this month. It could change someones world :)

We are all in this together, we share a common bond that will never be broken. We live in a world that others don't understand. We see colors others can't imagine. And we know love that cannot be described.

If you would like to link up, Tricia over at Unringing the Bell is welcoming bloggers, and has a button up for grabs :)))


The VW's said...

YAY! You go spread the word! I'll be doing it too....just not every day....not even close! Our Ds cuties are THE BEST!!!

my family said...

Im ready!
happy october!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

look forward to reading all your posts!! Happy Down syndrome month...smiles

Mom Of Many said...

Just had to stop by after reading your comment today on Our Holy Ground Part 3 and tell you that I love you so much!! Thank you for commenting. It means alot. Hugs from Uganda, linny

Lacey said...

I know i'll never make it everyday for the month, to much craziness around here right now. I do hope to get a few posts in. one thing I do think we should so, when i'm not so crazy, is make up a super cute, informative brochure, and send it out to OB/GYN's everywhere. Telling them to upate themselves about Down syndrome, and stop recomending abortion!

Rochelle said...

Oh I will post this month, just not everyday. LOL! I can't even get in a post a week these days. But, I will enjoy reading everyone elses/

Nancy said...

This is going to be a great month of blogging!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

i love that you guys are doing are inspiring mexxx
cant wait to find out what's lurking in the scary place that is my friends mind! xxx

Runningmama said...

Looking forward to reading what's been brewing in your mind...mine is a scary place too :-)