Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 for 21:Sharing Sunday

Well I know I usually write a Thankful Sunday post on Sunday's but I've been slacking on those the last few weeks. Maybe a little change is in order. And Miss Jane at Flight Platform Living is on a roll! Actually the girl is on Fire!!! She has started the Forget Me Not Friday blog hop, advocating for orphans, and now she has started her Sharing Sunday Posts.

Anyone can link up and share whatever they want to. A fundraiser , a special event in their lives , their children , orphans... you name it. 

Today I'm sharing about a gal named Faith. What an appropriate name. I met her on FB , when she was hinting around at "possibly" adopting a little one from Reese's Rainbow in very dire straights.  There was a true giddiness in her posts. 

And I decided right there and then that I liked this chick and would follow her journey . At the time of her hinting, there was a little fellow named Josiah in  need of some immediate rescuing and we were all hoping that he is who Faith was talking about. 


Faith moved quickly and yes, she swooped in and has committed to Josiah.

Faith has a blog set up for Josiah, called Ransoming An Angel, there you can read the whole story . Faith is one amazing person. Just read her "about me" and you will see what I mean. But read the blog too. lol!!! 

And here is the link to her fundraisers going on now. And I need to mention the urgency in Josiah's  rescue. He has run out of time. He has already been transferred. Faith just needs to raise the money and get him home as fast as possible.   


And Happy Sunday. We will be enjoying summer like weather today!! What a treat!

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