Friday, October 21, 2011

31 for 21:Forget Me Not Friday; The Day Before

Today is the day before Emmie's third birthday. My "baby" will be three years old tomorrow. I just cannot believe it. Three years of joy and laughs and love that we wouldn't have had without her. 
Tomorrow, Emilia will be smothered in cake and kisses. She will be loved and played with. She will hear the song "Happy Birthday To You" and she will unwrap a present. Her day will be delightful and I imagine she will skip her nap and by  around seven at night be seriously delirious and welcome her bed , where she will have sweet dreams about her special day.

There is another beautiful October baby . A little girl equally as beautiful with a smile that just dazzles. But this little one isn't as lucky as Em. No one will smother her with cake and kisses. Her October birthday probably already came and went with absolutely no fanfare.

Celine is still waiting. Although I really cannot understand why. She will be transferred soon. As I said, she is an October baby. and well, we all know what kind of birthday present you get when you're an orphan with Down syndrome or other special needs in certain countries. I was thinking about getting Em some nesting blocks for her birthday, Celine may get a car ride to an institution. Bet she'd rather have the blocks...Bet she'd really like to have a mama, a family, and some love. Bet she'd really like to feel safe. 

Two little girls, worlds apart. Both sharing October as their birth month, both with Down syndrome. One, loved and adored. One, treated like a Princess. One with a family who cherishes her like a rare gem. 
The other, forgotten and lost, treated like an outcast,  with no one to elevate her to where she deserves to be. 
Celine is about to be taken to a place where many will die waiting. A place not fit for any human being. 

Please, think and pray about this. Could you be her mama? Could you be singing Happy Birthday Celine, next October?  This little one needs to be spared.

This is a Forget Me Not post. Forget Me Not Friday's were created by Jane At Flight Platform Living. 


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh dear sweet can she still be waiting!

thankyou steph for linking up and happy birthday love to your beautiful girl for tomorrow xxxx

Melissa said...

Celine was my Angel last year, and I just can't understand how she is still waiting. :(