Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21: 21 Emmie Things :)

This month, being Down syndrome awareness month seems like a good time to catch you all up on Em, and to help anyone new here to discover the joy of Down syndrome and to hopefully open your hearts and help you to see what life is like with a child who just happens to have been born with a little magic.
Here are 21 "things" about Em,  in no particular order.

1. Em delights us.
2. She has just recently learned how to jump and thinks she is extremely cool!
3. She is on the verge of talking. It's so close right now, and she is determined!
4. The first day of school is October 24th!!
5. She is spoiled.
6. Em is walking unassisted up and down the stairs.
7.Emmie has attached herself to her ST's nesting cups and "yells" at whoever touches them. I consider this a little strange but we just comply and stay clear of the cups.
8. Em loves to sleep in...early mornings and getting ready for school are going to be a shock to her system.
9. She's a runner. Any chance she gets she's gone!
10. Emmie loves music and dancing.
11. Em knows when I'm on the computer and she hears music or voices that I'm watching a fellow bloggers video, and comes running from where ever she is to watch with me.
12. She is a social butterfly and always ready for a party.
13. She will make you love her by just looking at you. I've seen it happen time and time again to unsuspecting people who hadn't planned on any long term attachment... it's that magical 47th chromosome:)
14. Emmie throws a fit every time I have to brush her hair. Hates it!
15. She could live outside. She is definitely a free spirit, and running with no barriers is her favorite thing to do.
16. Her belly laugh is contagious!
17. She has a love hate relationship with bath time. 
18. Emmie is convinced every small dog is a cat, and will repeatedly correct me by signing and saying cat whenever I say dog.
19. When I come into the room and she says "hi" and runs for a hug, I can hardly stand the love that I feel in my heart for her.
20. Em is extremely independent and will push you away if she does not want your help.
21. As a family the ONE and ONLY thing we can all agree on is that life with Em is extraordinary!We all love her to the extreme and she loves us all back , no questions asked. She is our sun. She lights our lives and shines so brightly on all who pass her way. She is our miracle, our magical little dumpling that we all would fight to the death for... no questions asked.


Rochelle said...

Great post!

Ceciley2007 said...

I so understand the love you feel for precious Em, cause I have the same with my daughter Cedayne!! Please check out my blog, momsrdivas.blogspot.com! God knows what He is doing and Cedayne has brought a light to our family as well.. Look forward to following your blog and your story, we are truly blessed, no one should feel sorry for us. God Bless you and your precious family!!