Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21: Forget Me Not Friday

It's Friday again! Time for Forget Me Not Friday. My lovely friend Jane, from Flight Platform Living, who has a heart overflowing with love for the orphan has started a beautiful tribute to them on Fridays.  She welcomes bloggers to link up their posts and has also started a gallery of gorgeous little ones all waiting for their forever families.

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So let us not forget.

Let us never have the thought far from mind, that there are children suffering every day. The sweetest of the sweet clinging to life in institutions. Withering away because they are deemed unworthy. Unworthy of love? Who gets to decide that? I thought it was God, and I thought love was for all... I guess I was mistaken...

I guess this face didn't make the cut

I guess this dumpling is better off unloved and unwanted


I guess that certain societies think out of sight out of mind. It's easier not to think about them. It's easier to just hid them away. 

But you see, they have a light that cannot be squelched.

* Patty at A Perfect Lilly is advocating for Atrem. Well worth the trip over to her blog to check it out.

They cling to hope. I guess they have no other choice but to believe there is something better than what they have.


But everyone has a limit, to what they can endure. The loneliness, the lack of love, the lack of everything. The self comforting techniques that are a poor substitute for a mama's arms. The lack of interaction with others, the lack of adequate medical attention. 

 Please  read some of the other stories and posts. Get familiar with the little faces, know them by name. Care to know them by name. Be a voice for them. They are completely dependent on strangers half way around the world to be there warriors.   

They can't run to mommy to make things better.  We need to run to them.


Patti said...

thank you for linking to Artem! I love Nadine- I think she reminds me so much of Lily last year. I always feel like crying when I see her sad little face. I wish I could rescue them all!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

steph i so love your heart! i am so thrilled to havemet you on here! xxxx thankyou for linking upxxxx