Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 for 21: Changing Your Paradigm

Paradigm, (definition)

Intellectual perception or view, accepted by an individual or a society as a clear example, model, or pattern of how things work in the world.

I have so many posts that I could write using this title, but this one was inspired by my husband Peter. He told me this story the other day.

It was the end of a work day and the subway train was filled with people on their way home from work. They were tired and most just sat in silence, probably anticipating getting home after a long day, having dinner and spending time with friends or family. They were all deep in to their own thoughts, when a man and his children boarded. He took a seat but the children proceeded to play and run around. As the ride went on the children  became more and more unruly. The father was apparently oblivious to the distractions his children were causing and people were starting to become annoyed. Looks were passed between passengers. Eyebrows raised and whispers of "what's wrong with him, can't he see what his kids are doing" "what kind of a parent lets his children run around like wild animals" and of course "tsk, tsk".  
Finally one man could take it no longer and approached the despondent father. "Sir" he said. " don't you think you should say something to your children"? The father looked up at the stranger, and with a sort of lost look on his face he said, " Yes I suppose I should , we were just coming back from the hospital... their mother died an hour ago". 
Upon hearing those tragic words the rest of the passengers immediately rose to action. A couple went to tend to the children, others went to comfort the father who was obviously not just a bad parent but a grieving husband. Everyone suddenly understood and wanted to help. No longer were tempers flaring and judgements being made. Their Paradigm was changed.

I do believe that in the last couple of days I have been seeing a change in the paradigm. In the not so distant past I wrote a post clearly explaining how I felt about supporting the Abell's. I will stand beside them to the end of their adoption  and I will stand with them as their lives begin after the adoption. (sorry Chris and Jenn you've got me for life) Not everyone felt that way. Things were a bit stressful for The Abell's for a while, and unfortunately some people were not so nice and decided to walk away. Their paradigm was set. 

But in the last two days, I have seen such an outpouring of support and help! People sharing and posting. People who have been absent for months, returning to help. People changing their paradigm because a child is in need. People realizing, this isn't a one person job, a family, even with a huge grant still needs help. And above all, a child needs to be rescued.  

My faith has been renewed. This community is one of a kind. And I'm so honored to be a part of it with you all. 

 But the best part of the last couple of days has been seeing The Abell's spirits rising again! There is a happiness in Jenn's post that hasn't been there for months. There is HOPE again, there is joy in her writing. She can feel and see the support that is back. The greatest gift you can give anyone is love! It will carry you through your darkest moments . It is extremely powerful. More powerful than any giveaway or fund raiser, more powerful than any post that can be written.  And The Abell's are feelin' the love! And because of that Miss Olga will be feelin' the love of a family ...soon! 

They now need about $1800.00 to wrap things up! Jenn's little fingers are working fast to keep up with the TNT orders that keep coming in. Please change your paradigm today, and go wild and donate. Every $5.00 donation gets a little TNT. 
And thank you from both me and Peter, who obviously are quite attached to Olga and The Abell's. When they stress we stress, when they rejoice we rejoice. And right now we are seriously getting ready for a big, big party! 
OK, go get your TNT!

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Rochelle said...

Amen sister! God is always in the details! LOVE seeing Olga's money totally collected! I can't wait to celebrate the moment she arrives home!