Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thankful Sunday

Here we are at the beginning of another week. What a busy one last week was. I feel like I was swooped up into a twister and just spit out. But I have a lot to be thankful for.

First, my little bugling is feeling much better. She sounded like her usual talkie self when she woke up this morning.

And what a morning! Despite the cold temp(37degrees) it is one of those, glorious, sunny, fall mornings. My favorite. And those silly cold temps will disappear by late morning

Silly girl below, Someone turned out the lights! But Emmie doesn't mind.
I'm thankful, I found some inexpensive headbands and some flowers in my craft box. I made Emmie some much needed headbands to keep her fast growing hair out of her eyes. She will be appearing in them in soon to be released photos, hehe.


I am thankful that even though we are in what I call "Survival Mode" I can still relax a little and have fun and I'm still laughing. Yes my stress level is on high, but I am realizing that God is not far behind. He didn't bring us this far to let go and watch us fall. My incredible Hubby (yes, Peter that's you) has been working around the clock. Something has to give soon. He works , I pray... teamwork!

I am also Thankful to start beginning to pray together again, as a family. Starting today! (Surprise guys). We had a good thing going and we stopped, that was wrong. today we begin again.

I am thankful for the long weekend. Today we are going to decorate outside for Halloween. I've grown to love this holiday since I've had kids. We don't do spooky. We do use cobwebs but that's it. Anyway they're not really spooky. We definitely don't glorify the devil. That's not what Halloween is all about.

I was really thankful to be able to go on Andrews field trip this past Friday. We went to visit a local farm. Andrew with his pumpkin, above. Below is a picture of a very aggressive, but gentle bull. We went on a hayride and had corn to feed the cows. Well this one and only bull among the cows, wanted more. He was too funny. His head was level to the trailer attached to the tractor we were in and he just came right in. He was particularly fond of one of the other Moms who came on the trip. Did we have a good laugh over that. She happened to have an animal print shirt on. We were rolling with laughter. We decided it was the shirt that attracted him to her. He must have thought she was a "special delivery".

I am thankful that Sophia in her wisdom, got the chore chart up and running. When I got up this morning it was all cleaned and ready for the new week. I let it go lately and , out of sight means out of mind. Also means nothing was getting done. Thanks Sophia!

And last but not least I am very thankful to Adrienne, for taking the time to make my Daily Smiles title so pretty. She surprised me with it last week. I really wanted to change the title design, but had no idea how to. Then all of a sudden there it was, what a surprise. And the funny part is Adrienne had no idea I wanted to change the title. Thanks again!

Wishing everyone great weather and a blessed Sunday!!


Kim said...

Sounds like a lot of great things to be thankful for! In the spring,our family started having a night time prayer before going to bed. We gather together in the livingroom, share, and pray. It really has been great closure for the day and getting the kids to bed in a peaceful routine.

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet Thankful list. Love the headband over Em's eyes - too cute - she looks like she having a blast! And so happy to hear she is feeling better!!

Tina said...

I love reading the Thankful posts, and always reminds me that I should write one someday too. I think about stuff I'm thankful for more and more often these days but never get down to putting it on paper. I love all the pictures especially the one of the band over Emmie's eyes, how cute does she look!!!!

Sophia said...

Emmie looks soooo cute. Who was the one in Andrew's class to stand next to the little animal thing? Or was it someone in Biss's class? Well, comment me to answer those questions I gave/asked you.

My name is Sarah said...

Emmie looks so cute. My mom and me just love her poncho and the fall setting for the pictures.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Beautiful sweater for a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile! I LOVE the new header and blog look. Very appropriate :)!!!

Emily said...

What a fabulous Thankful list you have! I am thankful to know (kind of) so many wonderful Mommies such as you!

scrappy quilter said...

I love your thankful list. It's aweseome and wonderful to come here and see all you're thankful for. Hugs..