Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sophia's Gift

Sophia, my ten year old read a book in school and after reading this book the teacher gave them an assignment to write about someone or something that they thought was beautiful. Sophia chose Emilia.
Here is what this extraordinary girl of mine wrote.
Someone Beautiful
The one thing that makes me happy is my baby sister, well obviously all the rest of my family, but mostly my almost one year old little sister. Her birthday is this Thursday. She makes me smile and laugh every day. Emilia Faith the most beautiful name ever. She likes it when I hide my mouth with my hands and then quickly show my mouth and stick out my tongue. I also love when she laughs when I do something to her. I love her little red nose when she laughs out loud at me. She makes my heart feel warm inside and all happy. But the one thing that I can't believe is that she'll be one on the 22nd of October.
If anyone has doubts that DS will bring joy to you and your family, well, here you have proof. From the heart of a ten year old, who could have chosen anything that made her happy. She chose her little sister,who just happens to have Ds. Notice Sophia never mentioned that in her paragraph. It wasn't necessary, it doesn't define Emmie.
I thought this would be a beautiful gift for Emilia. Her first birthday gift. Thanks, Sophia. I Love You!


scrappy quilter said...

Now I have tears!! What a precious gift she is giving her baby!!

LizBeth said...

So many people think siblings of kids with Downs are cheated. But time and time again they prove to be generous, responsible, and well-adjusted folks.

Tina said...

How beautiful...I think that is truely a gift like no other for Emilia to have such a loving sister, and I am sure nothing could have made you happier either. For a mother to know that there is so much love between siblings, yes that is the best gift one could receive.

Chris said...

And the children shall lead....

How could that not make a mom's heart sing!

Thanks for sharing. When John was born, Katherine who was 9 at the time called him the "diamond of our heart."

Love between siblings--nothing like it!

Beverly said...

oh how beautiful! thanks for sharing this sweet letter!

Anonymous said...

HOw sweet, I'm crying!

my family said...

what a wonderful big sister she is, so beautifully put

Shabby Cottage Shoppe said...

What a sweet letter from big sister Sophia! Happy Birthday Emilia! You sure are a cutie!