Monday, October 12, 2009

What's Emilia up to?

Emilia will be one year on the 22nd of this month.I can't believe it. The time has gone by so quickly. Here is what my little girl has accomplished in the one glorious year she has been with us.

As you can see in the picture above, Emilia is learning how to extract eyeballs.Notice her very serious expression.
She is eating. She will eat anything I give her as long as it's clumpy. For a long time we couldn't figure out why she wasn't eating. She took her bottle beautifully, no trouble sucking. But when I fed her baby food it just all oozed out. I knew she was hungry and wanted the food.That was the worst part. She was hungry but couldn't keep the food in her mouth long enough to swallow. One day I made some thick oatmeal and she did much better. We completely ditched the baby food and started mashing table food. She never looked back. The muscles in her mouth were not strong enough to push the food back. I'm just happy we figured it out, so she is enjoying her food now. If anyone is having issues with smooth food and your baby is old enough for table food, give it a try, of course I'm not a doctor so make sure you consult your pediatrician first.

She is crawling.

She is sitting up and making friends with Butsey our very old and patient cat.

She is pulling herself in to a standing position. Probably only to chew on my couch.
Emilia can hold her bottle, when she is lying down. she still won't do it if she is sitting.
Emilia can bring two toys together and bang them. This was a tough one for her, because she has a need to put everything into her mouth. So instead of playing with toys she will just bring it to her mouth. Not much getting done when she is chewing on things all the time. She wants no part of a binky either.She takes it out of her mouth and chews on it. Her PT thought a binky would free up her hands and at the same time satisfy her need to chew. It was a great idea, but Em wasn't in on it. She has special toys to chew on when we are playing, if her need to chew gets out of hand I give her, her "chew toy" so she can get her fix, then we go back to playing with her other toys. Sometimes her urge is so strong it's like a tug of war between us.

Emilia is working on waving. She has the motion but at the wrong time. So cute. She will sit and wave( backwards) at herself.

Emilia is babbling nicely.

Emilia does the best raspberries.

Emilia tries to imitate a horsey noise I make to her.

Emilia loves her books.

Emilia loves to be outside, swings are fun

Emilia plays the piano with Daddy.
and her favorite thing to do is make us smile everyday!


Lacey said...

She pulls herself to standing and she isn't even a year yet, you go girl. Thats a great idea with the food.

Tina said...

Way to go Emilia!!! Wow she is doing alot thats all I can say...crawling, pulling to sit and she isn't even 1 yet - I am in awe of her. FANTASTIC!! And needless to say she looks as cute as always in the pictures :)

my family said...

what great milestones, way to go sweet girl.

LizBeth said...

Oh, this brings back memories!

She is doing so well. And look at the way she is pulling up and standing. Fantastic. I remember the chewing and sucking -- on everything!! Even the dog's nose.



Tausha said...

Wow, she is doing so great. I can't believe she is crawling already, Sam still isn't. :-( He is starting to pull himself to standing but not there yet. We did the same with the food, gave up on Baby Food and are now mashing up table food, he is doing much better. You are doing such a great job with her. Keep up the good work.

Michelle said...

She is so cute, I know I say that every time, but it's just so true! Lillian is a chew-a-holic too. Wonder why they do that?? It is wonderful to see all her accomplishments!!

Denise said...

Wait a second here!!!! How did I miss that she was crawling??? I never remember you saying anything about that. That is so awesome!! Ella didn't crawl until she was 15 1/2 months. Go Emmie!! AND pulling herself to standing. She is amazing.

Ruby's Mom said...

OMGosh Emilia you are doing super!So many accomplishments!Yay!

scrappy quilter said...

She is so stinking cute. To be crawling and pulling herself up is super duper!! I'm amazed at all she is doing...great job sweetie!!

Like LizBeth said, this post brings back so many memories of our M although he was way later than your little Emilia at doing these things. Great accomplishments!!

ABandCsMom said...

Sounds like she is one busy little gal!

Tim and Kelli said...

Great job Emilia! You are one strong little girl! The count down begins to your 1st birthday!

Emily said...

Way to go Emilia!!! You are doing fabulous. Hope your birthday is wonderful!

Chris said...

She is doing amazing! Sounds like she is hitting those physical milestones like a pro. Watch out, she'll be running before you know it.

Rebecca said...

Wow. Sounds like she's doing just MAH-VELOUS, darling. Seems like she's one very smart kid; Sebastian can't even do some of those things :>)

tata said...

Ogladamy Was i cieszymy sie ze dzieci sa sliczne i tak szybko rosna. Zupelnie rozczulil nas tez Butsy. Pozdrawiamy i sciskamy wszystkich.