Friday, October 30, 2009

In Under The Wire

OK, it's 10:oo pm on the 30th, I'm so not blowing my 31 for 21 now! With two hours to spare I finally booted Peter off the computer. The kids are recovering. My Andrew will hopefully be able to go trick or treating tomorrow. Little Miss Em missed her Early Intervention Halloween Party today, but she doesn't really care. I'm more disappointed than she is.
Tonight I took the healthy ones, Bella Sophia and Olivia, to our school Harvest Festival. Of course the camera stayed home so no great pictures. Peter stayed home with Emmie and Andrew.

I wish I had something wonderful to post about today but honesty I'm exhausted. It's been along week, and a long night. Like I said the other day, my 31 for 21 has turned into , A Day In The Life... Which I guess could be of some support to someone just entering this wonderful world. Maybe reading about my somewhat uneventful life is encouraging to someone. Maybe you're reading this and you are nervous about what life with Ds is going to be like.You might even be thinking that our lives sound pretty similar. Imagine that! You could even say, We're more alike than different. That goes for the children with Ds and also the families. We are all the same.

These little sweets will come into your lives and into your hearts in a way you can never imagine.
Just take them into your arms and let them work their magic on you.


LizBeth said...

You finished the course!

Hey, upside what some parents go through with their non-DS kids, our little boy has been a jewel. We always know where he is. Gives us no grief. Loves everybody. He IS his own person in his own way. Good to his family. Has the devotion of his brother. Has inspired many folks to want to live a kinder, simpler life. There are many good things along the way! DS is not the end of the world. Different, yes. But not the end of the world. We have been in it for twenty-four years now.

Love, Liz

mandd3 said...

For not having a lot to say you sure summed it up nicely. I'm glad Andrew gets to go trick or treating. It would be so hard to have to miss it. Have a wonderful, candy filled evening.

scrappy quilter said...

Dear friend, I have so enjoyed reading all of these. You've encouraged with honesty, you've not sugar coated anything and you've made everyone more aware of our special kids. For that I'm so thankful. I wish I could meet you someday along with your precious family...the joy!! Hugs