Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday , Sunday, Why Can't Every Day Be Sunday

of course Em makes sure she gets the best seat.

the lovely mermaid Bella

Gidget and friends

The sand castle one girl wrecking crew

It's doomed

Love her!!!!

and the merman, Andrew!

And a note. If you missed my last rant from yesterday you can catch it here. And Renee's chip in is over $1000.00 ! So  (insert raspberry sound) to that stinky landlord! 


LizBeth said...

They should check with their city government to find out who the housing authority is concerning landlords and rental property and file a complaint. Of course, in their new digs, they'd do well to take pictures now of the condition of their property for reference later. Would still be nice to get that $1000 back! All the best, Liz

Rochelle said...

Love the beach pics and over the moon about Renee's fund! WOO HOO!

Robyn Aderyn said...

Your kids are beautiful, Steph! Hoping and praying a couple little orphans we love will get to enjoy great times like that sometime very soon!

Robin E. said...

Oops! That last comment was me - accidentally posted under my daughter's user name!

my family said...

oh what a landlord!!!grrrr.
fun beach picts:)

stephanie said...

I could not wait to get out of the mermaid tail. :}

Love Bella