Monday, July 25, 2011

Final Five!

There are only five days left to buy an ornament for Olga!  Her tree is going to look beautiful!!! But there is still a lot of room left for some more sparkling ornaments!
 I'm not budging on my $500.00 goal. I know there are 18 more people out there who would love to send an ornament to Olga and at the same time support The Abells. Just $180.00 more . So close!!

Read all the details about Olga's Give To here and also view the ornaments. Don't forget to let me know which ornament you want to send and also if you'd like to add a personal message. You can leave all the detail in the special instructions area on paypal.

Come on guys!!!  I just have this same image of Olga with her parents looking at her tree with all the ornaments sent from all of us. Reading the messages , and just remembering all the love and support this community has for each other. What a keepsake and treasure they will be for the whole family. Not to mention with every $10  donation Olga is that much closer to home and that much closer to love! Unconditional and constant love!!!  

To the twenty people who already bought ornaments thank you so much!! 

And just for fun, and because I REALLY want to get this to $500.00,  I'll send an ornament (of your choice) to the person who gets my chip in to $400.00 and  also to whoever gets it to $500.00!!



Carla Dobs said...

I gave last week but forgot to leave a message...who from...

I gave 3 ornaments ($30)...

one from "The Dobrovits Family - Frankfort, Illinois"

one from "Henry - coming home from U in 2011"

one to "Olga - A true princess"



Jane@flightplatformliving said...

hi lovely steph! just wanted to let you know i posted today about Olga and this giveaway. praying for the next 18!! xxx