Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Well Miss Sophia is now twelve for the next 364 days. The 4th is over and things are back to "normal". So that means the Christmas music is back and the Give To is my main concern.

If you missed it you can read about it here. Right now I'm averaging one ornament a day. I'll take that. That would be three hundred dollars to the Abell's, not too shabby. But I do believe we can do more. Re- posting would really help me reach a larger amount of people. We all have some different followers and friends , so FB and bloggers please pass the word. Look Miss Em is even helping.

I can contact all my Peeps.
Don't snicker... I have peeps, plenty of peeps to contact.

there, almost done.

press send!!!  Piece of cake!


Rochelle said...

AHH she is killing me with cuteness! Smooch, smooch Em. We ♥ you!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

to fun!! I bet Em walk around talking on that phone or texting all day!! to cute..smiles

Becca said...

She cracks me up!!! What a (beautiful!!) ham!!!!