Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Believe it or not my house is still silent this Sunday morning. The sun is coming up through the trees and another warm summer day is beginning...and I am thankful.

One of the things that made me sad this year was that I just could not buy any flowers for my garden. This is the first year that my front yard has been without any flowers. The back yard has a lot of perennials and I bought some seeds so it's doing just fine.  But the lack of flowers in my pots and on my deck just made me a bit sad.  Seriously no big deal compared to everything else. Just something I kept to myself (until now).    But of course there was someone else who could feel my sadness... God. And because He is a loving Father and wants to see His girl happy, He gave me this. 

These little guys grow like crazy in my garden.

So  this year they got to live in my pots!

Petunia's that decided to make it through our worst winter and bloom again!

They are in three out of four pots on my deck!

And I am thankful!

I am thankful for the support from all of you for my Christmas in July for Olga Give to! It is going well and smoothly and I've had no problems. This is not my area of expertise and I was very nervous about it. But you all have been so great, with comments and re- posting and Fbooking about it. Thank you!!

If you haven't stopped by the Give To yet click here to see how you can buy a Christmas ornament for Olga and include a personal message.  All proceeds go to the Abell Family to bring her home!

God's blessings to you all on this Fourth of July weekend! Have fun and be safe!! And keep a little Christmas spirit in you! :)


Rochelle said...

Lovin' the Christmas music each time we come here. Great thankfuls. Hope your 4th is filled with family, fun and fireworks!

Patti said...

come move to Oregon- everything grows wild here! :) Except I don't ever seem find to contain it, LOL. My yard looks more like a jungle than anything out of Better Homes and Garden. Come teach me how to make mine pretty

Jenn said...

Love how God provided you flowers in your pots :) We serve such a loving & caring God. Praying you have many more beautiful flowers this year. Have a wonderful 4th!

Anonymous said...

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

i couldnt afford to put flowers in my pots this year and it made me sad as well! xxx