Saturday, July 30, 2011

24 hours

24 more hours and July will be gone, and so will my Give to for Olga! :( 
 But so will the Christmas music:)  Wow it's really getting on my nerves.

Come on my peeps!!! I just need 14 more lovely people to help get that chip in to $500!!!

Click here to view the ornaments and I will send it on it's way to The Abell's.  What a beautiful keepsake for Olga. Plus every 10.00 donation gets Olga that much closer to home!

Don't forget you can also add a personal message. 

just 14 more people @$10.00 each

or 7 people @ $20.00 each
We can do this!!! We're so close!! 
It's for Olga !!!!

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Cameo's Angels said...

Hey Stephanie I am going to do this tomorrow night I promise!! I have been meaning to but have gotten too busy...I know excuses are lame. I really hope you get more people. I will post your original post on my facebook page to also get some more hits, hopefully. Sorry it has taken to the end of the month to get it done.