Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You Lose People??

When you talk to people about "our kids" and by that I mean the children we love so much , the children with Down syndrome, The orphans... do you lose them? Do their eyes start to glaze over? Do you find that they continually shake their head in agreement, but you know damn well,  if you gave them a pop quiz on what you just said, they would fail miserably?

Do they look over your shoulder instead of in to your eyes. Do they just listen politely or can you actually at times detect a bored sigh? 

Does their body language seem to be saying  "oh no, she's going to talk about them again". Do they always seem to be looking for a getaway? 

Why is it that even friends , close friends don't get it!! Is it so far out of their understanding, so far from their reality that they just don't "get it"?

Children like my Emmie are dying in other countries. They are being dumped in to mental institutions with no hope of getting adequate help or love, medical attention... or anything.

Why aren't people shrieking in horror and  falling all over themselves to help?
Why are they saying stupid things like "that's awful" or "Wow, really"? How about saying "That's awful, what can I do to make a difference"? 
Why aren't they getting involved? What does it take to get someone to care?  

Is it because these kids are so far away. Does that make it any less real?  Out of sight out of mind?

Why is it so hard to advocate for these Darlings? Why don't people want to admit that this sucks, and we need to help them? How can you walk away once you know the truth... doesn't it haunt you?

Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this. 

And another thing. Do you find that people who know you,  and know that you are very serious in advocating for RR, or for a family adopting, or you're a RR Warrior for a certain Dumpling, have no interest in what you do? I have friends who never ask or show any interest at all. What's up with that?
I mean if I had a friend who I knew was big into some organization or felt strongly about something, even if I didn't find it interesting or important, I would still show an interest. Why is it that the life of a child isn't interesting enough for some.

And just  a note to my friends. If you're reading this I'm obviously not referring to you. If you're reading this you obviously have an interest and I thank you! Maybe the people I'm referring to , really aren't friends at all.

But please share your thoughts. Do any of you feel this way. That people just really don't want to hear it. 


Rochelle said...

Oh sister, you hit the nail on the head. Try adopting a little sweet one and having your "friends" say congrats and never call you again. Not friends at all I say.

Keep on advocating! Our Dariya is HOME did you catch that? Our Dariya is home b/c sweet folks like you prayed with us and talked with us and helped us clearly discern God's plan for our family.
Love you!

summer said...

Yes, Yes, Yes - I sooooo UNDERSTAND!!!! It drives me absolutely CRAZY!!!! But it is all SO WORTH IT!!!!! So keep it up GIRL - Because you are so GOOD at what YOU DO!!!!!!

my family said...

AMEN sister!
why dont they get it?????
frustrating as all heck

LizBeth said...

Steph, all you can hope to do is reach the people who WILL get it. The world is in such a mess that people are totally overwhelmed by it. If it isn't one disaster, it's another. Pick one. Nobody can take them all in. Some of us are overwhelmed just trying to get a group of people to wake up to do the simplest things. I had to learn the hard way to do what I CAN and cool my jets on what I can't. Do what YOU can but don't waste your anger on the people who don't share your passions - no matter how right they are. You'll get further. I KNOW you care. Love, Liz

rjenks said...

You are not alone, and you are not the only one dealing with bad reactions. I told my family we would be adopting on May 1st, until last week my parents refused to talk to me. They are only now talking to me because my mom is ill and they refuse to talk about us adopting. No one in my family can understand why we would want to "burden" ourselves (their words not mine) with a child that has problems. They just can not understand. Just know that you ARE making a difference. Instead of waiting for others to act, you are making a difference. While it is hard when others do not understand, know that there are others that do. We are here for you and support you.

Dana said...

I get it!!! Very. Frustrating. I have a certain brother-in-law mocks my large RR car magnets! He is a Christian, but every time I talk about these children he makes faces. I am grateful that my husband and children, and mother get it! I think many people have never even been on RR. Many have fallen for the lie that we should only worry about America's orphans.I'm thankful for everyone in RR bloggyland We All Get IT!!! I will continue to "Shout It From The Rooftops" for the rest of my life!!!

Anonymous said...
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