Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Almost Over

July has just nine days left, and that means so does my Christmas in July Give To For Olga!  Okay no mumbling under you breath "Thank God, hope that Christmas music is gone too" LOL, I actually mute it now too!

Anyway I want to say thank you to the sixteen people who got my chip in up to 250.00 !! I'm so grateful and I know Jen and Chris are too. They are so close now!

I'm not giving up on my 500.00 goal.

Twenty - Five people can make that happen!

Please consider buying an ornament for Olga . Your 10.00 donation will bring her that much closer to home, that much closer to love, and that much further away from a mental institution.
All you have to do is choose which ornament you want and tell me in the paypal special instructions box. You can also add a personal message or just leave your name so the Abell's  know who its from. You can view the ornaments here.

Yes, Olga has a family, but she could still have been transferred. She needs to come home. We can get her home. Every dollar helps. If a thousand people have a dollar to give, but they all think it's not enough, then nothing happens and a child waits. But if those thousand people put their trust in God... Well look what a dollar can become.

Please help. I know you may think I've got some nerve continuing to ask for more, but I have to. God told me to, so take it up with Him :)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your constant support and generosity! I cannot tell you how much this community means to me. I've never seen such camaraderie any where else.


Melissa said...

I just bought a couple, but don't know if I did the whole comment thing right...I love the all the ornaments, so you pick!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

ha ha take it up with God! You are so lovely!! i will share om sunday honey on my blog so stop over and say hi! No way are we giving up on the bigger total just yet xxxxx