Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Silence Can Kill... Defend Down syndrome, defend Adoption, Break the Silence

Teri Lynn... beautiful Teri Lynn.  Abandoned by her family because she has Down syndrome, exiled by her country because she is thought to be defected and an invalid.

Teri Lynn who is waiting and wondering, WHY? 

Why do people look away from me, why don't they put their arms around me, why am I shunned and treated with such loathing.

Teri Lynn , is just a little girl. WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE AFRAID OF HER! What is to fear!!!! WHY are entire countries afraid of children like Teri Lynn? So afraid that this is what they do to them!

 LOOK AT HER! Don't look away, let your eyes settle on her for a minute. Look into her eyes. Feel her fear! Her despair! She looks like she's in a concentration camp! Where is she? She is in EE , she is in a mental institution where she will live until she can't take it anymore. There she will die ... Alone! 

Teri Lynn a little girl who just wants some love, a kind word, a gentle touch. Teri Lynn who has nothing, but the same monotonous routine day after day. Teri Lynn who hears the same pitiful cries and screams from the other souls being detained by hatred and ignorance in a hell on  earth. 
I post these pictures not to make you feel bad, not to make you cry, but to open your eyes AMERICA!!! This is what's going on out there. Yes out there in EE, out there, there is a Holocaust going on! 
 Out there this is LEGAL?????? This is a child!!! An innocent child! Being shaved and tied to a crib, barely fed and eventually overcoming to the abuse! YES, I said abuse!! This is not how you treat any human being! 
You would be arrested here in the States if you did this to a DOG!!!!

The animal rights activists would be on you like flies on SH&T! And you know it!  

We  have a right and a responsibility to stand up and scream for these children. WHO THE HELL ELSE IS GOING TO? Not Their country, not their parents, not their government! They have no one but the few of us who know the truth.

If you know and say nothing, if you know and turn away, if you know and wash your hands of it, than your silence is killing these children. 

We have the ability to spread the word and the truth like wildfire. We have blogs and FB and the world at our fingertips. With a press of a few keys on a computer a post appears, the truth revealed, the ugly truth that has caused so many little ones to die waiting. They are dying!!! They are waiting to be saved, to have a mama, and,they are dying as they wait!!!!! 

What triggered this post was one I read by Lera's mom, Diane. Who has had to defend the reason of international adoption. Defend?? Defend saving a life? Hmm. 

Let me get this straight. Could there really be such ignorance in my country? Ignorance that says take care of your own, to hell with" the rest"? Could my country, which is made up of  "the rest" actually think that? May I remind anyone who calls themselves Americans, unless you are a 100% Native American, you came from somewhere else!You're ancestors paved the path to a better life for you. Had they not you might find yourselves in a completely different situation and lifestyle. 

There are no boundaries when it comes to saving a life.  Jesus didn't hang on a cross just for His "own kind".
He didn't say let them get their own Savior, I didn't  come to save them. He came for all of us. Who are we to draw boundaries, when the son of God didn't!

These children need our voices. Teri Lyn is one of THOUSANDS!!! she is not an isolated case. 

Teri Lynn... in a nutshell needs a family or she will die. I will speak for the children til I draw my last breath!  Hopefully before that there will be change within these countries and they will learn the value of these children.  But I won't stop and if you are just learning about this I hope you too will commit to being a voice for these children. Don't be silent, don't be afraid. 

If you are interested in adopting or donating to Teri Lynn's adoption fund you can find her here. 

I wrote this post  for anyone new stopping by. Anyone who doesn't know the truth about these kids, or didn't even know such atrocities existed.   They do and it must be stopped. Education is the best defense.  Please go out and educate others. Down syndrome isn't a life sentence, but to these kids it's the death sentence!

* And just  a note to any animal activists out there I'm not demeaning what you do.You are much needed to animals being abused. I am just trying to make a point that we don't allow animals to be treated the way  these children are being treated because it is so inhumane.


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So Well Written!!!!!

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My Plate Is Full said...

As a mother of a child with physical and learning disabilities… I am always interested in hearing the stories of others and how they have coped with raising a ‘special’ child. I recently saw a film called ‘Dakota’s Pride’ which showed the MANY wonderful blessings children with Down syndrome bring to this world. I can’t even express to you how moved I was by this film! I was amazed by all of their accomplishments… one young man with Down syndrome even graduated from college, drives his own car and is an advocate for other adults with Down syndrome! I know you get to experience these many wonders on a daily basis, but I thought I would share the following link for the video. feel like anyone who saw this video would run to the adoption agencies to adopt these beautiful children! They truly do reveal the glory of God! Thanks for posting your blog and sharing the stories of these wonderful children!