Friday, August 6, 2010

Countdown to Camping... Again

Here we go again. We're dusting off the tent, checking the air mattresses, looking for the right outfits, making lists, and saying some prayers. Why? Because it's camping time!

And if you're wondering about the prayers? Well, we need them that's why we say them. Adventures likes to follow us, as much as I try to ditch them. If you didn't know us last year, here is the heart stopping storm that struck our campsite. I'm really not looking for any excitement this time.

Just a leisurely camping trip. Nothing more.

But I guess with five kids and two adults and one tent you're pretty much asking for it.

Miss Em is a year older and has changed quite a bit from her last camping trip. She's walking now, that should add to the challenge. Keeping her in OUR campsite is already painting an impossible picture in my mind, and the phrase, "where's the baby!" is already screaming in my head... repeatedly.

Of course on the bright side, the White Mountains will be very safe for other campers while we are there. There is guaranteed to be No bear or moose sightings, as they will all be running for THEIR lives at the sound of my children's screeches.. I mean happy, laughing voices!

And there will be stars and crickets and fireflies. Peaceful sunrises and sleepy exhausted children. Yummy cooking, and marshmallows. Scary stories by the fire, and the best, the very best thing... cuddling in the tent.

We're crazy enough to do this every year. We must love it!

* all photos are from last years trip.


mandd3 said...

I don't think I've ever seen a picture that sums up boyhood like that one of Andrew. I'm serious, it could win an award! I pray you have no storms, no bears, and plenty of happy screeching times, and many many cuddles.

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

good luck is a phrase that comes to mind :) have a wonderful time!!!!!

heidi marie said...

hope you have a fun and uneventful camping trip. i miss camping so much, maybe next year!

The VW's said...

You are one brave Momma to take 5 kiddos camping a tent! Have a great time! Praying for no storms! :)

I love the way you integrated the pics from last year's trip....too funny and so cute! Hugs!!!

Carrie said...

Oh how fun!! We love camping too--we're just waiting for it to cool off some before we go again. Reading this is making me antsy to go even thought it's still 8 billion degrees out.

I can't wait to see the pictures of this year's trip and hopefully it will be a fun trip without any extra adventures! You'll have to share your yummy cooking recipes...I'm always on the lookout for new camping food! Fun fun fun!

Rochelle said...

I hope the weather is fantastic, praying for no crazy weather for your trip (or bears =) )
Can't wait for all the pictures.
Have a s'more for us!

LizBeth said...

When the Brady Bunch went camping, they took their maid. That would be the way to go.

my family said...

have a super fun trip, without any BIG suprises

Heather said...

A braver woman than I my friend.Mark is off to camp with the boys and Taylor and I will be flying solo with Miss Z at home.Jess and Matt will be in San Diego to visit with Caitlin and crew.

Enjoy your time and make lots of those beautiful K family memories!

Kelly said...

You are so VERY BRAVE, Stephanie!!! Fingers & toes are crossed that your camping trip goes smooth & uneventful!!

Have lots of fun AND......GOOD LUCK!!!! lol

*Overflowing* said...

Ohhhh, I wanna go!!! We love, love, love camping! We have always camped in Yosemite (up in Tuolomne Meadows) but haven't been able to since Cana came home. Oh how I miss it...hopefully we can try next year.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time!!

Jeana said...

I hope you guys have a fun trip and no craziness, well other than the expected. I can't believe how much Emmie had changed in a year. She has gone from a baby to a little person. Love it!