Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm In Labor!

HA! Not really.

I was just thinking that summer vacation is like being in labor. Just when you think you cannot possibly take another second of pain, God gives the nod and out comes your bundle of joy.
I am now at that moment when I don't think I can possibly take another second. Okay I'm not in pain, I'm just frazzled.

But God gave the nod!!! Because tomorrow is the first day of school! I made it!!! Out go my little bundles of joy! Haha, can you tell I'm a little tired, tonight?

Actually they were good kids. They didn't start getting completely out of hand until yesterday.

So tonight the uniforms are ironed and the lunch boxes are out. The backpacks are filled to the gills with "stuff".

Tomorrow it's back to the routine we all know so well. It's bittersweet. But if we don't move on then all those fabulous days we are going to have will never get here. Like birthdays and apple picking, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas.

Here's some pics of our day in the pool. What fun! We went out to a movie tonight after swimming. We saw Despicable Me. I cried. Seriously? Yes, seriously. The end was so sweet.

Kiss, kiss, kiss ... good night


To Love Endlessly said...

oh you are so silly! I hope the 1st day of school goes off without a hitch! Labor can be a tricky business ;-)

Zoey's mom said...

Wishing everyone well on their first day back and wishing you and Em some special,one on one, mommy and Em time.

Tuesday me time today:fail.But tomorrow,ALL on school,maybe I'll succeed.

PS.Will be taking a blog hiatus of sorts.Will be faithfully checking in though.Be well.

Rochelle said...

Good luck everybody on the start of school!

Anonymous said...

Wakacje, wakacje i coz pora wracac do szkoly. Wszystkiego najlepszego na nowy rok szkolny. Dzieci sa sliczme.

Lori said...

Good luck with the first day!! You made it!!

The VW's said...

Beautiful pictures.....Beautiful children!

Have a great 1st day back to school! Hugs!!!

Tina said...

My your quick, I hardly blink and there you have 3 posts out, sorry mossed this one earlier, I going kind of backwards. What lovely pictures. I love the one of Emmie with her bright blue eyes, she seems to love the water, just like Saira.