Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautiful Baby Contest? Hmmmm

Now you know I'm chomping at the bit to enter this one! And even though I don't want the competition, I am taking the high road and telling you all about this AMAZING fund raiser!!!! 

This is the best idea I have EVER heard of! It's pure genius!!!

Three families all adopting from Reece's Rainbow have come together to have this best ever fund raiser. 

And one of the Dumplings just happens to be  my girlie girl Nellie! I don't relinquish rights easily. Yes, Nellie has a family advocating for her now, but I'm her warrior, and I will be her warrior til she's home, or maybe just until she starts school, heck I may as well hang around until she graduates high school. I get attached what can I say.

So bring the cutest photo of your cutest Dumpling over here, and enter to  win this
150.00 Target Gift Card. One to the boy winner, and one to the girl winner!

Meet all the families and support these super people who are all just taking a huge leap of faith, and going in heart first!
Come on who doesn't love a baby contest...


Rochelle said...

What a great idea!

Kaylee said...
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stephanie said...

Hi Kaylee I've been waiting for you. I was beginning to feel a little left out. after all it's not every day you can say you got a visit from a to bit Troll.
And thanks for the link, I've never seen that blog but Wow! What a beautiful family! Love them!

I'm not sure you actually read that post all the way to the end but it sure had a happy ending. An ending only God could make happen.

Now stay the hell off my blog.One visit is enough and all you're allowed.