Saturday, January 28, 2012


Andrew made his very first Reconciliation today. I love the tradition of making a Sorry Sack. I never did anything like this as a kid. Things are so much better these days! 

On the front it says I'm Sorry, and then after they make their reconciliation, our Priest turns it around and it says, I Am Forgiven. 

Of course before the special day, we had umpteen things to do, so Peter went one way and I went the other, "promising" to meet up at church BEFORE 11:30am... "before" being the operative word here. I was there with my appointed children, but much to my surprise when I entered church and asked where they seated Peter and Andrew, (you know the boy who needed to be there on time) I was told they weren't there yet!! I stifled my  screams  and flew like a nut out to my car to call the  missing father and son. Within moments he nonchalantly pulled into the parking lot. Ten minutes late, which is not cool, and this certainly was not an occasion to be fashionably late for. Why God does my husband have absolutely no concept of time...why???

But I forgave him...after a while, since that was the theme of the day. "sigh"


Laura said...

A lot of men could benefit from wearing a Sorry Sack. They can just keep the I'm sorry on the front until their wife turns it around to know when all is well again.

stephanie said...

Laura, I do believe you are on to something! ;)