Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Always a Happy Dumping Girl

Mornings are usually pretty good for Emmie. But yesterday she just wasn't having it. She jumped to the safety of her empty ball pit (which seems to have taken up permanent residency in my living room) and flopped.

Oh Miss E, you have years and years of early mornings ahead of you. 

And about that ball pit! Seriously!!! We are a family of seven sitting on one couch, because of the ball pit!  Our chair  gets moved into the sun room at Christmas time to make room for the tree.  This year after the tree came down the ball pit  moved in. So it's like musical chairs at night when we're all home to see who gets a seat on the couch! I have never seen a child get so attached to something. 

When summer is here it's going outside! Than we can maybe we can bring the chair back. 
Not saying that Emmie runs the household in any way, or somehow enforces her way on us. Not at all....


Rochelle said...

Hahaha. We know who is in charge there. Hope today was a happier morning Em!

Scrappy quilter said...

LOL!! A typical girl...we all have bad mornings/days. She's allowed a few, me thinks. As to taking go Em, you go!! Hugs

To Love Endlessly said...

lol!!! has you all wrapped around her little finger. :-)