Monday, January 30, 2012

"No, He's American"

If you didn't see A Smile Big as the Moon, last night then make sure you catch the encore presentation next week! It was great!!! It was written beautifully, our kids were portrayed in a positive and respectful light. The actors were brilliant... especially Ben;)  

And to think that this took place in 1988, just blows me away! This was an unheard of undertaking in itself,  just throw it back to 1988 and you have the unimaginable being attempted.

So did you see it?? Did you love it?? 
What was your favorite part ?? 
Best line?? 

If you saw the movie, then my  post title makes sense to you.  It was the best line ever!!! Just might keep that one in my back pocket!  Hope I never need it, but that's a one liner I'll have ready, if ever..


Rochelle said...

Didn't see it but will catch it next week. Thanks

The VW's said...

I have it recorded and can't wait to watch it! The school and teacher are from the same city we live in!