Thursday, January 26, 2012

Terror on Two Legs:Updated

By 10:30

A Cashew explosion.

Cashews, eggs, bagel and an elephant ear pastry.

Checking out the mess in her beloved ball pit. And in her defense she did try to stuff as many as possible in her mouth to "help" clean up.

And by 1045:

Mommy rules the house once again!

Of course she enjoyed using the vacuum and a mini meltdown followed when i took it back. 

She is so taking a nap... soon! What is it, that gets into kids, that make then totally nuts some days!!  She is off the wall! And figures it's her Thursday off from school.


Rochelle said...

Hope she is napping like a champ for you and not tearing down the blinds. LOL

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm loving this. I can't wait until this girl is in her think it's bad now friend, rofl. Hugs