Friday, January 27, 2012

This Has Nothing To Do With The Ball Pit! But Still Pretty Exciting!

Most of you know speech is not Em's strong point. She's trying and things are coming along nicely.Slow but nicely Lately I have been noticing her acting like she is understanding more and more. In fact at times, even when she is not directly part of a conversation, but just within earshot, she will act like she understands what we are talking about. She laughs at the right time, or makes a face, that corresponds with what it being said.She has even started to make a scary face when we tell her it's time for bed... it's hysterical!!


Tonight, some paper fell to the floor and Em picked it up. I told her to "put it in the garbage".  All spoken words , I didn't use any signing.  I've done this a few thousand times in the past, and Em has done the same thing, a few thousand times. Laugh and run away. Usually taking the garbage with her. I think she is a future hoarder , but that's another problem and another post. lol



Little stinker understood perfectly!!!! Opened the lid, put the trash right in and closed the lid!!  A Celebration immediately followed!! She understands!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And yes I'm crying because she put trash in the garbage! We are celebrating because she put trash in the garbage! How blessed are we to be able to celebrate magnificent things like this!!!!

I guess a picture of this event would have been cool, but I was too busy praying and holding my breath to make a move for the camera. We'll try again tomorrow;)


Rochelle said...

Woot Woot, keep celebrating everything. That is what we should do with all our kids!

Justine said...

I think it is awesome! Yippee!

Becca said...

Wow!!! That's fantastic! I am willing to bet she's understood that for some time now, but only now decided to indulge you. :) And I bet she's going to choose to reveal a lot more to you soon... That's the funny thing about our kids - they store stuff up and don't show us they know it until they *want* to. LOL

Michelle said...

Love it! It is so awesome when those little breakthroughs of understanding come shining through!