Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Robert

Tuesday again and time to showcase another beautiful child from Reece's Rainbow. Hopefully you will be seeing Robert on other blogs too, as some of RR Warriors have gotten together to post about a different child every Tuesday. Please feel free to share this post and Robert on your blog or FB or Twitter. Exposure is what is needed to bring these children to the light. They need to be seen! So please don't feel like too many people already said and did all there is for a child, and your post or share on FB won't matter. IT MATTERS! It may be the one post that a child's mama sees. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO US READING, NEVER!  

So without further waiting , here is Robert!

Look at those big brown eyes!!! 

Boy, born December 2009

Robert is just up from his nap — and look how bright-eyed he is!   He has a couple of little teeth peeking out on the bottom, too :)

He has Down syndrome and a patent foramen ovale – which is a small hole between the chambers of the heart.  This is common in childhood, and often closes without any medical intervention.

These children are blessed to be in an excellent orphanage, however this region typically requires 3 trips.  This is a great orphanage and the children receive excellent care, and there is minimal travel in-country.  This orphanage is close to the Capital city, so it's fantastic for sight-seeing.

We have had many successful adoptions from this orphanage, and families are willing to share their experiences.

He's a beautiful bundle! 

 Please look at Robert, and look into your own heart.  Helping comes in so many different forms.  It's not always about money and donating. What is God asking you to do? Maybe just a simple post, or maybe something more. But you can always do something. A prayer while you're driving, for a little boy named Robert would be great. Little things when put together amount to miracles.

*Here are other Teamwork Tuesday posts. These boys are still waiting.


Wyatt (Wyatt did have a family, but unfortunately they could not continue with the adoption, he is still waiting)


Rochelle said...

Oh my goodness I could eat him up!

my family said...

What a doll!
How do you get to participate, I would do anything to get "my" boys noticed