Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sharing Sunday: The Lost Get Found

Relentless, from the dictionary, adj. Steady and persistent; unremitting.

In certain situations being relentless is frowned upon, like when you're on the phone and your little one is just on fire to tell you something!  That's when the words,"You are relentless" are not a compliment.

But sometimes you meet a person and you can use the word, relentless, as the highest form of flattery. 
My friend Leah is that person. I don't know when I met her, or how long I've know her. And when I say "met" and "known" it is only through FB and blogging that we have ever "spoken". But sometimes that's all it takes to see someone for who they are.

Leah is young and crazy about the orphan and adoption. She is Relentless in speaking about children on Reece's rainbow. She is Relentless in blogging about the beauties on RR, and she is Relentless when it comes to taking a stand and advocating.  

She takes on tasks that most of us would back down from. She just does what needs to be done and gets amazing results. Her Angel Tree baby made their goal, she has successfully raised money for children waiting for their forever families, and now she has a fundraiser going on for Celine and Heath from Reece's Rainbow.


Celine is very near and dear to my heart. I've sat and prayed and cried over her for far too long. Wondering why in the world this child is still waiting.Logically speaking this child should have been home years ago! She fits the criteria perfectly. A beautiful healthy little girl with a dazzling smile! But still she waits, and now she waits while she is institutionalized. 

This is Leah's little one! She loves her so much!!! She has been RELENTLESS in advocating for her.

And now she has put together this amazing fundraiser. I don't know how she  did it.  But she did and it's huge!!! You know, I'm thinking I know how she did it. It's all done on love and faith. Leah just puts it all into Gods hands and when you do that in faith , how can you fail. 


You must be a part of this. Meet Leah here and see her The Lost Get Found Giveaway. And please if you cannot donate, than please share and pray!!!! That is just as important as a monetary donation!!!

This is a Sharing Sunday post. 

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Rochelle said...

Love Leah and her constant advocacy. Reminds me of someone else I know ;)!

Leah said...

wow stephanie you put this in way better words than I can describe! God gets all the glory first & foremost! I had help too! When we all come together for the love of a child nothing can stop us! Glad to know you too have loved this girl like I have. praying her family will find her soon!