Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tick Tock Time To Get Off The Potty Pot

OK, you all know I'm potty training, from this post. I think that was the last potty post I wrote. We're just taking this real slow. Em's not quite sure about the whole thing just yet. But her teacher says they go to the potty twice a day, and Em is in full favor of the walk there, she'll sit nicely and even attempts to pull up her pants. Sounds like she's got the routine down pretty well. Except for the main part, which is actually putting the pee pee in the potty! Sigh!

After school I changed Em gave her lunch and as she does everyday, I let her watch a video before her nap. I knew she had to go, so instead of her Princess chair I put her potty in front of the TV.  

Look at her, all ready to make a a splash!

I put her video on and she settled in. Not really the plan but I figured I could clean up a little since she was so comfortable.

Guess I got a little carried away with cleaning up and , it just slipped my mind that Em was still on the potty! OOPS.  I was sure there must be something in there by now. Come on Miss Em lets see! 

Nothing! She sat herself back down and snuggled in to watch the rest of her show, quite content to continue sitting there. 

My conclusion: She loves her potty and doesn't want to get it dirty. Why do I think this? Because after sitting on it for over half an hour , she stood up walked in to the kitchen and peed on my floor! Thanks Em! I knew she had to go!
Oh Em good thing we love you more than chocolate!!! :)


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

this is funny! funny because Maddie has not made it in the potty yet either...nothing! will sit on the potty for hours and loving every minute...loves to wipe excessively but no potty! great idea putting in front of the tv...cute pix! smiles

Pallavi said...


I think TV distracted her.
This happens with Navya too, if we want her to poop, we go out of sight then she concentrates and does it.. Otherwise there are high chances she will be happy sitting on that seat getting entertained rather than doing the real business..

Rochelle said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning my friend! Oh dear, maybe dumping her dirty diaper in her princess potty will give her the idea?

stephanie said...

I think you're right! She forgot all about going when she was watching TV. Proved that to me when she peed on the kitchen floor, lOL
Back to the bathroom the potty chair goes. :)

stephanie said...

Maybe just sending her your way would be the answer, you're like the potty whisper!

Scrappy quilter said...

I needed a laugh this morning and little Miss Em gave me one. I won't share our story with M and potty training. It was and is a disaster that's all I'll say. Hugs

Lacey said...

Oh no, silly girl! I'm so not looking forward to potty training Arina! Not at all!

Michelle said...

She is so beautiful. I've been trying with Lillian too, same thing I'll take her and take her and take her and the next thing I know she's peed in the floor...these girls!!