Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Russell

Meet Russell!! He has that irresistible kissable spot under that chin of his! But I don't think anyone gives him too many, if any kisses. Russell is an orphan just waiting for his forever family to find him.

He is in Easter Europe and his fate for transfer has been sealed if he is not adopted.

Russell is beautiful and perfect and would be a blessing to any family. 

Boy, born July 2009

Eyes Grey
Hair dark brown
Nature calm
Down syndrome

$1555.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
For more info on Russell contact Reece's Rainbow

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The VW's said...

My boys and I love Russel! We have an ornament with him on it. We think he looks like "Russel" on the movie "Up". So cute! Hope he finds a family soon!