Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catching My Breath

If any of you heard a strange scream around around seven last night  it was just me when I went to my blog and saw the amount in Carina's Angel Tree Fund. Completely took my breath away. It was completely unexpected and if whoever did that is reading this , may God bless you abundantly!

And to all who donated to Carina's Eggs Giveaway, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! 

Rosemary was the winner, but God bless you all for helping! I did that giveaway on a whim and really was hoping and praying for a least $100.00 but you all surprised me and raised $200.00 for Carina!

I want this little one home!  And with a good amount in her account it's so possible. I'm hoping to get it well over $3000.00 by Christmas. I want someone to see a good amount in her fund and commit to her! I so want to see her smile! Gosh Andrea Roberts if you ever get a new photo of Carina even looking up please post it!!! 

I always wonder when I look at her , what has she already seen and heard and endured in her short life to put such a heavy and sad look in her beautiful eyes.

Then I think , no I really don't want to know.

I knew this would happen... I've fallen hopelessly in love with her.I can't wait to get my ornament and hang it on the tree right next to Miss Olga's. Please fall in love, give your heart away. Yeah, it breaks occasionally but when miracles happen like last night it's all worth it! It's just black and white proof that God is in control, God loves these little ones and He is working beside us to get them home.

Can't you just picture all the angels and saints in heaven cheering us on, high five's all around every time a donation is made and having a party with every new commitment.

I want her account to grow and grow. I want all the accounts to grow and grow! Carina's donation box is in my sidebar. Please consider a donation in any amount. A thirty - five dollar or more donation will get you an ornament of Carina delivered to you from Reece's Rainbow. Every dollar brings her parents closer and closer. Money is such an unfortunate obstacle.For one person or one family it is quite often overwhelming and out of reach, but a little from everyone makes the impossible so attainable. Makes and orphan, a daughter...


my family said...

I am thrilled for you and Miss C. I too would love to see anew picture, she looks so sad it breaks my heart . I know what you mean.... I want Bogdan to find a family so badly sometimes it hurts. I asked Andrea the other day if anyonehas even inquired and she said no (this is when I wish my blog was HUGE, i won't even lie) But for now I will do what I can and with our Father's help I know his family will find him.
I think about this love every day wondering what he is doing and how he is treated and now I find myself doing the same for Benji too:)

Who would have thought advocating for children you dont know could be such a personal thing and that youcould fall in love so fast?

Rochelle said...

YAY God! YAY great advocate friend! keep growing that girl's fund! I know her mama is just around the corner!

Melissa said...

I looked at Carina's grant today and am thrilled with you!! I've fallen in love with her too. :)

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

yay yay yay!!!! fabulous! i have just done the same thing for francine...her fund has just jumped $1000! xx