Friday, November 25, 2011

The Realist... Forget Me not Friday..

My daughter Sophia, although one of my most compassionate children is also a hard core realist. It is what it is in her eyes. If you ask her opinion you'll get it. Believe me you'll get it. The girl does not believe in sugar coating...anything.

When Carina's Angel Tree Account jumped very unexpectedly , 2500.00, I literally lost my breath. I was crying and just sat in awe. In fact I kept going back and forth from my blog to  Reece's Rainbow to make sure I wasn't seeing things and to make sure it didn't just disappear. 
Peter stood in disbelief and the little ones seeing my joy understood something really amazing had just happened and participated in my celebrating.

When I looked over at Sophia she was very quiet. Not typical of her at all. She usually has a lot more than two cents to add to any conversation. I was kind of surprised that she wasn't the one jumping up and down. I mean she is Miss Brigita's prayer warrior, she reads blogs and looks on RR all on her own. She has written posts advocating for orphans on her blog too. I just didn't understand her silence.

Then she spoke...

"If Carina gets a family, it's probably going to cost them 30,000  to bring her home. What's 2500.00 going to do. How's that going to help. It's not enough"

Whoa... I definitely wasn't prepared to hear that.

Of course being the "patient" and "understanding " person I am, my first instinct was to .... go completely nuts!

"Sophia, what in the world are you thinking! Someone... someone I don't even know who they are, or why or how, found Carina  and felt called to drop 2500.00 into her account!!! Seriously! What do you mean it's not enough!!

So after a vent on my part and a look to me from Peter(the look that says be quiet she has a point) I thought about what she said. And I do want to clarify that Sophia meant absolutely no disrespect. She knows all I know about these dumplings. She has seen the pics and read the posts. She knows and her eyes are, thank God, WIDE OPEN!  She was in no way insinuating that the $2500.00 donation wasn't enough. She was referring to the total needed to bring Carina or any orphan home. In her eyes it wasn't enough to feel relief.  

So,I thought, and I came to the conclusion that my Sophia had a point worth listening to. My first thoughts when I saw Carina's account go up were, "thank you God and thank you donor, Carina made her goal! And then some!!
I guess for a split second, I thought I was done.

When Sophia spoke, her words really stung. They (these children) need so much more. Done??? No I'm not nearly done. Maybe Carina has hit her AT goal, but I'm not done trying to raise money for her. I know it will be even harder now that she has reached her goal. And I totally understand that. The ultimate goal is for every child to reach at least $1000.00, so most people will pass by the ones already at their goals to help the ones not there yet.  And that is a great thing!!

So that just means I have to talk, talk ,talk. Spread the word, open eyes and keep on doing what I'm doing. 

I've got a couple more fund raisers planned for Carina. so I am praying she is over three thousand by Christmas.  Ornaments of Carina are still available through Reece's rainbow for any donation of thirty- five dollars or more.Of course any donation is greatly appreciated!


We are saving change at home for Carina, and yesterday Bella got three dollars from her Aunt for Thanksgiving . She handed it to me and said she wanted to give it to Carina. "Is that a good thing, mama?" She asked ..."'Oh yes Bella, that is a really good thing... thank you"

There is no donation too small. Every dollar is a reason to rejoice. 

This post is part of a very special Forget me not Friday post. More posts like this can be found at Flight Platform Living, hosted by Jane, whose heart beats loud and strong  for orphans

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

bless you for your wonderful heart that is spreading amongst your children! she sure does have a point that girl of yours! like i said steph, you are a mouth for God!lol xxxx keep yelling

Sarah said...

Wow.... beautiful! Love your Sophia and her heart!

Rochelle said... already do you have to make me cry every time I come over here? Love you and your wonderful family. YAY God for sweet donations.

Anonymous said...

I gave the big donation (but I want to remain anonymous -t really came from God - to HIM be the glory). I completely agree with your little girl - its not enough. It gave me no pleasure to give it. I keep rearranging our accounts and savings funds and emergency funds and giving more and more because these kiddos don't have much time! I want so desperately to see an after picture of Carina, one with a smile on her precious face! Thank you for blogging.