Friday, November 4, 2011

Forget Me Not Friday: Ipad 2???

I have met some real lovies out her in blogland and most I have to say live far away.  Like Kansas ugh, California, Canada,Washington State... seriously? But there is a chance we could meet. Traveling wouldn't be impossible.  Driving could be an option. Not a fun one, but still an option.  But what about The UK. Double ugh! There's that stinkin' pond in between  us.  Well,one of my favorite lovies, Jane, lives across that pond. I know we would be the best of friends. Just through emails I know I can be myself with her. I know if we met in person there would be no getting to know you time. We'd just cozy up and start laughing and chatting.  Oh and I would just drink in her accent.

But again that pond is a problem. 

Anyhoo, Miss Jane the founder of Forget Me Not Fridays is also a mad Reece's Rainbow advocate. She is also completely nuts about Francine. You can see why. Isn't she just gorgeous???

Now don't let me lose you here. I know I've been going on and on lately about fund raisers, even  my hubby has been giving me the eye when he reads my blog. Thinks I'm going to get you guys in a tither if I don't write more about Em. Well, he just doesn't know you all the way I know you.

Back to Jane and Francine. Jane has a giveaway going on, but it's almost over. Now if I were selfish I wouldn't be telling you all about it.Why??? you may be thinking... Because, Jane has an ipad2 up for grabs. I have been trying to get my hands on one of those little buggers for Em for months. You see my sweetie is just about to talk. Literally the words are on the tip of her tongue. I've heard so many super things about the apps for the Ipads helping   kids with delayed speech that I've been a little OCD lately trying to get on for Em. 

But, I'm not selfish, lots of other things, but not selfish. I'm sharing this fabulous giveaway with you all,hehe!

The other thing about Jane is that she is an artist. A REAL artist!!! Like people pay for her work. Like she has showings in REAL galleries. She won't brag but I will. People pay big bucks for her work.

This is just ONE of my favorites.if you can't see the words, they say..And I hope I hope  I hope amid the shadows. How long will it take us to get to where we're going? We asked.I don't know she whispered But don't give up.

There are a ton of other things in Jane's giveaway too. Just in case you have no need for priceless original artwork or and Ipad.... yeah right.

So please take a quick jump across the pond to Jane's blog, Flight Platform Living and see whats happening. 

Promise a little Em tomorrow. Ok Peter????,


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

you darling! come and pond hop soon! I will hold you to that cosy up! x

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

just donated $10 to your beautiful Carina...i pray thatstarts the xmas angel tree campaign snowballing (all puns intended!) for her xxxxx

Rochelle said...

Maybe when we hop the pond sometime to see Jason's family we can meet the sweet Jane herself.
Love you friend, keep advocating (sorry Peter you know God is calling you to do so =)

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

rochelle youhave an open door invite as wellxxxxxx